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I'm a Keeper, Part 2

In one moment, it happened.
I became a liar.
I remember clearly the feelings of deciept that swept over me.

But before you pass judgement, let me explain.

Last week I claimed to be a keeper.
I wrote about keeping stuff, memories and overall just being a sentimental goober.
And I am, really.

But not always, I suppose.
And that's what makes me somewhat a liar.

See, I love these memories Adam, LC, and I are making.
The chaos.
The fun.
The mess.
It's wonderful.
It's wonderfully memorable.
But at times, it's also terrible.
Terribly chaotic.
Terribly messy.
And terribly stressful.

I know I'm not alone here. I'm not the only person struggling to sift through the crazy chaos of the day to enjoy the little moments. Laughing when the bowl of crackers is spilled all over the place. Or not losing my cool when a child turns into an octopus while trying to get them dressed. It's hard to enjoy life when you're just trying to clean the kitchen or make it somewhere on ti…

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