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Sorry Not Sorry

It is a miracle!
I got my sassy 2 year old diva down for a nap.
That rarely happens these days, but really, I can't blame her.
It seems like such a shame to sleep away these numbered summer days, and yet today sleep won.
I know that my blissful couple of hours will go by in a flash, but most days do. I've blinked my eyes and summer is nearly over.

Fourteen days of summer remain.
Fourteen days to giggle, play, and enjoy carefree summertime.
Fourteen days to neglect the messy house, the piles of laundry, and the dusty blinds.

So when you see me with my hair unfixed.
Or visit my messy house.
Or don't see me out running or at the gym, you'll know what's going on. I'm just enjoying my girl. And we've probably been playing hard.

Our tan lines show how much we've splashed.
The wrinkled clothes show that we just ain't got time to fold the clean laundry.
And the ice-cream on our faces and shirts, well, you get the idea there.

But the crumbs in the bed? I can…

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