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Intimidated and Insane.

Have you ever started talking without really having an idea of where it is you're going or what you really intended to say?

If you have, good. Then you can realate.
If you haven't, well. You're probably just kidding yourself. ;)

But that's just what this blog is.
I'm not sure why I'm writing it.
Or what it is I want to say.
I just know that I want to talk, and I've got the time.
Now let's hope the words flow like I want them to.
And you don't come to the last sentence wishing you hadn't wasted your time and vow to never read another blog.

I'm not sure if you know this or not, but blogging is pretty risky for an introvert like me.
Thinking it is one thing. Writing it down is another.
But sharing it?
Now that's what makes my stomach turn cartwheels. Every time I share a blog entry, I wonder...
Will anyone read it? Does anyone think like I do? Is someone going to think I'm crazy? 
Writing down moments and experiences of my life - the em…

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