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It's been a while since I last had the time - or took the time, rather - to sit and actually write.
Like everyone else, I've been busy.
Busy with work.
Busy keeping my house looking like we may not always be slobs.
Busy wrangling my one-child-circus.
Busy with grad school.
Just busy.

But I've really missed this. I've written many partial blogs in my head. I'll have a wonderful idea while driving, or cleaning, or doing who knows what, but I never take time to write it down. And I miss doing that.

So here we are. LC is busy snoozing. The Hubs is off at a meeting. And I am alone with my keyboard. Like all solid relationships, we easily pickup just where we left off. Easy.

And isn't easy wonderful?
I am oh so grateful for the easy things in life.
Friendships and relationships that come easy. That pick back up right where they left off. That never leave you wondering. The easy ones. Mercy. Those are the relationships to never let go of!

But even while easy is wonder…

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