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Allow Me to Vent

I was going to tell you just how stinky this whole break has been.
How it started off great with a trip to the beach, but quickly took a turn for the worse Christmas night.
How I washed my phone.
How I got an invisible splinter in my left index finger (it just has to be a splinter...).
How it's so sunny outside but cold and windy.
How just when LC was getting better, Adam got sick.
How I didn't get go to shopping on my break.
How LC has refused to nap for, umm, two weeks now.
How I've had to clean up behind sick folks for what feels like foreeeever.
How I tried to potty train LC, but the stomach bug had other ideas.

Basically, my first blog of 2018 was going to be me complaining. That's what people want to hear, right?
So overcome with the negatives of the past two weeks, I had momentarily planned to taint one of my favorite days of the year with a negative (ja)Nelly attitude.

But then I read this e-mail:

Good morning.  Welcome to 2018.

My first thought t…

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