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Janell's Excellent Adventure

This week, one of my closest friends had her baby. Talk about exciting! While Lydia Claire and I were there meeting their new, sweet baby boy, I couldn't help but take a trip down memory lane. Just like my friends, a short two years ago Adam and I had no idea what we were getting into. Neither of us knew how to change a diaper, and two years later we've gone pro. I had no clue to how to hold a baby, now I adore slinging my wild toddler over my shoulder and wagging her around upside down- the belly laugh that ensues is my favorite.

Being a parent is one of the strangest, most complicated things I've ever done.
But it's one of the best.
It's filled with complex feelings and emotions---

Some days I simply CANNOT wait for Lydia Claire to finally go down for a nap.
----but then I can't wait for her to get up so we can go get into something new.

Sometimes I NEED Adam to just take her for a little while so I can gather my wits.
----but before I know it, I've sco…

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