There's something I should tell you.

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this.
You probably already know it, anyway.

So here it goes.

I’m a creeper.
If you are reading this, odds are I probably FaceStalk you.
Or I have in the past.
Or I still do.
Maybe I’m doing it right now…

Regardless, it’s a problem.
I mean, what normal person really wants to waste hours reading status updates, looking at other people's pictures, or searching for that person (high school senior) you once smiled at (crushed on) who had the super cool Mustang when you were a freshman? Geez. Not me… What would give you that idea?

Growing up, I honesty don’t think I was a Nosy Nelly. Then came MySpace. Ah, flashback to 2004 when I first joined the world of social media ---status updates, posting on walls, and nosing through pictures. Add Facebook. And Twitter. Pinterest. And now we’ve got to factor in another outlet? Google+? There goes any hope I had of actually being productive and getting something done.

I know, I know. The easy solution would be to deactivate my account, vanish completely from your recent activity. But then where would I be? What would I do with myself? How would I know what your feeling like today or how your vacation went or who you went out to eat with last night?

Gosh, I’d actually have to call someone…meet up with you… or worse, mind my own business. That’s no fun.


"Come on get your Creep on with me!"


    1. I'm a creeper too... clearly. So wish I had Google+ yo!

    2. I definitely never got notified you commented! Send me a FB message with your e-mail and I'll hook a sista up!


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