6. Visit 4 States, Part 1

To Do List: Spring & Summer 2012
Item 6: Visit 4 States
State 1

You know those people who never upload their pictures? They just always leave them on their camera? I'm one of them. It's been over a month since Adam and I visited Charleston, and I still haven't done anything with the pictures. Booo.

Destination weddings are so much fun - they're a great excuse to plan a vacation. And that's exactly what we did.

The weekend following the Great 1/2 Marathon Experience, one of Adam's fraternity brothers was getting married in South Carolina.  Since neither of us had ever been to SC, we decided to make the most of our trip by leaving early and staying in Charleston for a couple days. We ended up spending a billion hours in the car during that trip, but it was so worth it. However, I don't know how Adam feels - I'm a terrible passenger. On long trips, I usually wiggle into a thousand different positions, ask random questions, and draw terrible, temporary tattoos on Adam's arm.

Anyway, after the 1/2 billion hour ride to Charleston, our first stop was for some lunch. A wonderful co-worker of mine had suggested we visit Jack's CosmicDogs, and Adam is so glad that she did. Adam, with his great affinity for the hot dog, was pumped. We both ordered the Cosmic Dog which comes with Bleu Cheese Slaw and Sweet Potato Mustard. I also had a lovely draft root beer in a frosty mug.

I have no idea why I grabbed a packet of mayonase...

Being touristy and taking pictures of ourselves...

After that, we walked around Charleston for the better part of the day visiting the stores, parks, and oogling over the houses. At the suggestion of my childhood friend's father, we dined at Husk that night. It was awfully pricy, but terribly good. Like, I don't at all regret burning my tongue or money at that place good.

Fried Green Tomatoes with Pimento Cheese

My pork shoulder and delicious pork belly with rice and field peas.

I have no idea what Adam had.

The dork in me emerged the next day and we visited a historical site, Charles Towne Landing. I insisted on being very touristy and taking far too many pictures.


It is duly noted to NEVER stand sideways for a picture. Never again. Ever.

Adam climbed a tree. I'm pretty sure that we weren't supposed to touch them.

I couldn't climb it.
It's also duly noted to never again wear that dress.
A moo-moo would have been more flattering.

Dinner this night was the complete antithesis of our previous dinner at Husk. While "Stepping Back in Time," we asked one of the locals where she went for seafood. Her suggestion took us waaay off the beaten path. So far, in fact, that we feared we'd get lost and die out there. 

Crazy dirt road off of a rocky road to the restaurant we were going.

This one was at Charles Towne Landing, but I can't get it to move. Stinkin' Blogger...

Bowens Island Restaurant:
Anyway, this is the place we finally came to.

The view from our table.

THE freshest seafood I've ever had.
Fried fish, oysters, shrimp, fries, hush puppies, slaw, and crab cakes.

Elegant parking lot.

Again, uh-mazing meal. After dinner, we hit up Folly Beach where I got reacquainted with the ocean.

This was right before my dress got wet.

We set off the next day for Hilton Head Island because I couldn't be that close to the coast and not visit the beach. We booked a room at the Omni Resort (super snazzy), and spend a little while in the Atlantic.

Since everyone else seemed to be getting dressed up all snazzy in their suits and dresses, we decided it was time for us to do the same. And because it was the whole reason behind visiting South Carolina.

The wedding was beautiful, even if it was outside and a million degrees. I was particularly proud of myself during the ceremony, though. A sweet little frog tried to make my foot his home, but I stood my ground and silently got him to move camp to the chair leg instead. We were both a little shaken - he from the violent shaking spasm he had endured, me from having a 1994 flashback where a boy at the kiddie pool threw frogs at me. I kept my trained eye on him for the duration. Near the end of the ceremony (and consequently my attention span), I directed Adam's attention to my little buddy. The girl seated next to me noticed as well. Trying to be a hero, she grabbed the poor little guy and turned to show him to someone else. Little froggie saw this as an escape route and jumped...onto the lady in front of me. Then onto someone else. It was pretty funny... 

At the reception, we ate, talked, and I even danced. However, it probably looked like this.
I'm serious. I hoped you watched that because that's what I really look like when I dance.


I insisted on having one last rendezvous with the beach before we left. Charleston was nice, but I do loooove the beach.

Then we drove a 1/2 billion hours home and went to work the next day.
Womp womp.

1 state down; 3 remaining


  1. I absolutely love reading your blogs girl! They are always entertaining. And you make me want to see the beach even more. I've never been and have been begging my hubby for years to go see it. Easier said than done with two little ones though. :-/ Keep the posts coming girl!

    1. Thanks so much, Carla! You guys should definitely go. The kiddos would love it just as much as you and the hubby. :)

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  3. It looks like y'all had a glorious time! That food looks amazing...


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