This is the tale of how I made a mistake – a super duper fun mistake.

It all started back in September when Adam and I bought tickets to see Bill Cosby at a casino down in Biloxi. I had no idea what to wear, so I wrote to the online shoppers at Outblush. They actually answered and posted my request on their website. I instantly fell in love with one of their selections – a blue leopard print dress. Maaahvelous. I vowed to order it soon.
And then I forgot about it.
Fast forward to seven days away from the big Cosby show...
It's here that I realized I had Nothing. To. Wear.
Eek. Since it was too late to order the dress I really wanted, I decided to go shopping in search of something close to it.
With Adam away at an Auburn game, I ventured to Huntsville solo. I lucked up and found two dresses at my first stop, TJ Maxx, and decided to just buy them both. Then came Dress Barn. Sounded like a great place to go when searching for a dress, but their selection was sparse. I made my way to Parkway Place Mall, and after going in every store that could possibly have a dress, I finally left the mall empty-handed. There’s a first time for everything!
A little disappointed, I left the mall and drove to my last stop: Bridgestreet. I was feeling quite discouraged that I hadn’t been able to find the perfect dress – or even anything somewhat similar – until I walked into White House Black Market. This is where you get to meet sweet Angie.
Angie: Hi! I’m Angie. Is there anything I can help you with? Are you looking for anything in particular?
me: Well actually, I’m looking for a dress to wear to a casino. I’m going to a comedy show and need something to wear.
Angie: How fun! Alright, we need something flashy and sexy….

me: Well, I really prefer the classy, modest look...
Here she walks off and starts grabbing flashy dress after flashy dress.
me: Oh wow. This is fun – you doing all the work.
Angie: Oh girl, I’ll get you set up. You’ll look so good!

Angie led me to a fitting room. I tried on the luxurious silk, sequin, lace, and ruffle dresses. One after the other. Angie draped endless necklaces, bracelets, and belts around me. Platform pumps. Peep-toe stilettos. Imagine one of those fabulous shopping montages from the movies here. Fun music in the background, oohs and aaaahs from others, and graceful twirls in front of the huge mirrors. I finally settled on this cute strapless number – silk with a champagne background and black flowers. Modest me needed a shrug. AND this neat little flower feather thing Angie stuck in my hair. I carried my pieces up to the register and handed them to Angie. Angie got my name and information so I can get coupons and other sweet things from WHBM. Sweet Angie then told me how much my total was.
Here I must interject that Adam had told me that I shouldn’t look at the prices today. And I didn’t.
This is the stoopid dress I'm in love with.
In shock, I handed Angie my American Express card. Yowza. Did I just hear that correctly? Three hundred dollars for part of a dress, two sleeves, a few feathers, and a fake flower? For real?
I thanked Angie, took my bag, and walked out of the door in shock. Did I just spend how much I think I did? I put my precious pieces in the car and immediately called Adam. All I got from him: laughter and disbelief.
Spending that much money on one outfit is very much out of character for me – I typically don’t buy anything unless it is on sale and super cheap. Then I’ll look at it a million times and analyze my possible purchase way more than necessary. “Impulse Buyer” really isn’t a good description for me.
The bag still hangs in my closet - separated from my other clothes, not wanting to go back to the store. 

$68 shrug, $178 dress, and $35 feather, we will part ways tomorrow. I just can't bring myself to spend so lavishly on an outfit I will wear once. Sweet, sweet outfit..you soon will be gone, but never forgotten...

Stinkin’ Angie….she was so good.


  1. White House, Black Market. Gets you every time. I've banned myself from that store.

  2. Stinkin' Angie...she knew what she was tellin' you...you look great...

  3. You look so pretty! I'm an impulse buyer majorly...but THEN I overanalyze all my purchases. I'm sure you'll find something else just as lovely!

  4. Thanks! I kinda dread going shopping to find it's replacement... :)


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