Here is my confession -

Games, changes and fears
When will they go from here
When will they stop

I can’t remember who sang those first few lines, but the stage was ours.
And we loved it.

I was a little on the chunky side. And my haircut was terrible. But that didn’t matter, because I knew the words and crooned them out just like Macy Gray.
Two of my 8th grade friends were on either side of me – all of us in our matching leopard print bottoms, black tops, and chunky, black shoes.
We sang along with Macy, probably never even really being heard over her voice, and we moved in time to the minimally choreographed routine we had put together.
We didn’t win the 1999 Linden Middle School Talent Show.
There is no YouTube video to help me relive our stellar performance.
I don’t even have a picture.
But each time I hear Macy, I try to go back to that sweet moment – knowing that my recollection is far kinder and glamorous than any video would be.

For two weeks, I'm taking part in the Scintilla Project and responding to daily prompts.
Today's Prompt:
Talk about a memory triggered by a particular song. 


  1. OH GIRL. we must be about the same age, because i remember all of these things, the outfits, the song. i was also a talent show girl, but never for singing. thanks for sharing this story with us :)

    1. It's painful reliving those fashion choices of the 90s, huh? Thanks for reading!

  2. Your courage has always been inspiration to me Jane. I remember that day (and maybe a couple practices you all had) and you were perfect that night.

  3. Oh, the wonderful fashion of the 90s.....I remember standing on the stage belting out what a girl wants with my Girlz. LOL!!!!!!! And that's how we spelled it, with a z, not an s. HaHaHa!! Good memories. One thing my dear, I never remember you being on the chunky side. I've always thought you were a beautiful person, inside and out. :-)

  4. I just got sad realizing that we never had ways to chronicle all of the fun times we had as teenagers in the 90s. No Youtube, no Facebook, no Twitter. Nah. I take it all back.

    1. WHAT? We totally dominated the note world. We were definitely able to chronicle our lives in the form of notes. :)


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