Flo. Rida.

To Do List: Spring & Summer 2012
Item 6: Visit 4 States
---State 4 Florida

I may or may not be having an affair.
But more on that later.

As for now, let’s talk about how I managed to gain five pounds in the course of five days. Yeah, you heard right.

Adam and I visited St. Augustine, Flo Rida last week and had a blast. I could drone on and on about how much fun we had and the delicious food we ate, but that’s not really why you’re here, is it?

I’ll bet you just wanna see pictures….

Well, to appease you, I suppose I can cave.
Or I’m just being lazy.
Probably the later.

But I do, however, still feel the need to provide you with some narration...

My high school pal Katie recently moved to Dothan, so I figured since we were going through there, we could meet for lunch.

A kajillion hours later, we reached our destination.
Then we went to bed.

But the next morning...

First on the agenda: lay out by the pool

That night, we went to dinner at The Reef where I got schooled by this cutie. She was showing me how to make a fish face. :D

A rousing game of mini golf followed dinner.
P. R. O.

The winner got some ice cream.

Sore losers?

We visited the Castillo de San Marcos. It was pretty, but super hot.

Yeah, my guns are pretty powerful.

Adam climbing the historic Castillo...

Lunch was at Mango Mango's where I had some uhmazing tuna tacos.

And some yucca fries.

Followed by some gelato.
Probably not paleo.

So, being on A1A and a Vanilla Ice fan since the 90s, I had to get a picture.

We went on a ghost tour.
Our guide was also a magician.


Then Dana and I talked to the locals about seeing ghosts...

The tour ended at the city graveyard - probably the creepiest thing we saw.

We want to believe.

So, about that affair.
It's with Mr. Atlantic.

Sporting my Lisa Frank beach towel after Mr. Atlantic assaulted me.

We were both Starvin' Marvins, so we hit up a local joint, Ned's, for lunch.

Adam's black bean and sweet potato burrito.

Low country shrimp and grit

And finally, it was time to drive home.
Entertainment for the bajillion hour drive home.
Gotta make myself feel smart somehow...

The first thing I did when we got home. :)

My apologies for the pictures being EVERYWHERE! Stinkin' Blogger is being a mean face today. Well, today and always. :)


  1. I am so in love with your Lisa Frank towel! ;)

  2. I love your pictures girl! It looks like you had a good time on vacation. I hope we can go to the beach someday. LOL I haven't seen Katie in forever! Looks like she's doing well.

  3. Lisa Frank original, right there, Samantha!

  4. Thanks, Carla! We had a blast. Katie is doing very well! Yes, you guys will have to make it down sometime! Your kiddos will love it!


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