Dear Diary,


Dear Diary,

Today was boring, and I mean boring. Nothing happened.

True story from 1995.
I was quite the writer back then, huh?
I know, I know.
On the previous page, I also found this nugget of joy…

Dear Diary,

It was a short day.


See, I came home from school wanting to write, but I just couldn’t seem to come up with a topic. As I was crunching on a tasty apple, I had a stroke of genius:
Perhaps my childhood diary would provide an idea!


It was either a boring day, I had just gotten dumped, or I had a new boyfriend.
Solid gold.
This sucker spans from 1995 to 2003, so you’d think there would be something inspirational in there, but nope. It’s the same ole story for eight years.

So, since it’s obvious that I’m not going to have that light bulb moment today, I guess I’ll be serious for a change…


1. While I really don’t care for living in Alabama, I do love this time of year. I love seeing the fields of white, and the tiny country roads strewn with cotton boils.  Each year, I am reminded of nature's beauty as fall finally begins to show itself. Sunrises. Cotton. Trees. Sunsets. Love.

Sweet notes from the quiet kids rock.
K. Thx.

2. I feel so crazy lucky to work where I do. I’m glad that I love getting up to go to my job each day. How crazy is it to love work?!?

Sweet shopping trip with sweet mom!

Farm fresh eggs from my Grandaddy's chickens.
Even though I have to cook my own breakfast, at least I smile
when I think of my GDad.

3. My little family is the bomb diggity. And I do have the most amazing frieeens. My cup runneth ova.




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