I might be crazy.

Isn’t the first step admitting that I have a problem?
Well, I do.

My name is Janell.
And I’m addicted to running.

Rudolph Run 5K

Obviously…because I did something super ridiculously crazy tonight.
I’m talking straight up cray cray.

Like $2,500 crazy.
Like 26.2 miles of crazy.

Yeah, I signed up with Team in Training again to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

I’ll bet you can’t wait to see how many times I complain about sore legs.
Or my old lady knee.
Oooooor what awesomely cute running clothes I get to buy!?!

I feel better now that that’s out in the open.
Ok, now you can click on the Google Ad over there. Gimme some free money, yo.

Since I trust that you'll do as I ask, I'll leave you with this amazingly flattering picture of me from this last weekend...

Isn't that amazing?

Ze ad.
Click on it.

Or, donate here:


  1. YAYY! I'm so glad you bit the bullet! But there you go being that amazing, make-us-all-look-bad superwoman again. You just can't get better than you, sista! :)

  2. Ah, thanks, Mal.
    I either bit the proverbial bullet, OR completely went off my rocker.
    I'm leaning towards the latter. ;)


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