Being an Adult Stinks

Life really is good.
Especially as an adult.

Case in point:
1. The ability to eat nothing but bacon for dinner if I so desire.
2. Also eating nothing but ice cream for dinner.
3. Not always having to make my bed.
4. Staying up super late (What up 11 o’clock!?!)

But being an adult sometimes really stinks.
1. Going to the mailbox to find yet another bill.
2. Making important decisions that cost oodles of money.
3. Speeding tickets instead of being sent to your room.
4.  Knowing that you really should eat your vegetables, you know, since you bought and cooked them…

The worst one, though, is the one about making decisions. I hate making decisions.

My problem lies in wanting to make the best choice, wanting to thoroughly weigh all of my options and consider both the pros and cons of any and all choices.
And that’s why I hate going to Moe’s--toooo many choices. I want it all!
And then I end up getting a burrito that’s similar to the outfit of the kid who dressed himself for the first time. All the pieces are great, but they just don’t go together.

Random Internet kid with "Moe's" syndrome.

I’ve learned to cope with my indecision - like by not going to Moe’s – but sometimes it’s inevitable. Just last week, Adam and I went out for a cheat meal. We didn’t have a restaurant in mind, so we discussed it the entire drive into town. I couldn’t even narrow it down to a couple of restaurants; I wanted to eat at ‘em all! So, we ended up at a shady Chinese buffet for our cheat meal.
Baaaaad decision.
But tasty coconut shrimp.

Now I find myself with yet another decision to make.
And it’s driving me crazy.
I want to make the best decision, and I can’t figure out which one it is.

See, my little car keeps having problems.
And I don’t do car problems.
So after twelve years of service, I guess it’s time to move on.
But move on to what?!?

Me and the PT in her heyday.
Ahhhh, Prom...

I’ve scoured the internet for great deals.
I’ve looked at Nissans. Toyotas. Fords. GMCs. Buicks. Subarus. Chevys.
We’ve driven Pathfinders and Outbacks and Explorers.
But none of them made my heart flutter like the Cruiser

Very unflattering picture of me and my coveted FJ Cruiser.

I am seriously in love with these vehicles.
I mean, they have tons of selling points such as horrendous gas mileage, virtually zero luxury amenities, and gigantic blind spots.

I know it’s a bad decision.
Completely impractical.
But aren’t adults allowed to make bad decisions?


  1. You had me cracking up over "Moes Syndrome"! Nice new ride!


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