Counting, Again

A while ago, I wrote about how I planned on counting my blessings more often.
That was July.

Well. I really have no excuse.
Other than there’s just been sooo many episodes of Under the Dome and New Girl to watch…

Nevertheless, here’s some more stuff for which I’m thankful.

Yes, I do realize that smiling is a weird thing to be thankful for.
But I’m still going to be thankful for it.

Anyways, I always make it a point to try to smile – especially when I go out to the fancy Wal-Marks or to work. I just don’t see any reason to wear my grumpy pants out in public; no one needs to be all up in my business prying about what’s wrong or why I’m feeling less than perfect on any given day.

Recently, I’ve had a couple encounters with people asking me why I’m so happy.
Excuse me?
Since when did smiling become a problem?
Is it really so rare to meet a happy person or customer that you have to question motive?

There’s this one bus driver at school who asks me every Wednesday what my secret is to being so happy. I’m not sure if he thinks I’ll reveal my magical secret if he asks enough OR if he honestly doesn’t remember asking me every other Wednesday. Either way, it always puts a pep in my step to know that someone else smiles because of me.

Then, just the other night in Staples, the checker outer, Caleb, asked me why I was so happy. Umm, because I’m pumped that after 5 weeks of school I finally remembered to buy a pencil sharpener? I don't know, dude! Why not?

And to answer your burning question – Yes.
I did listen to Vitamin C’s hit “Smile” like 7 billion times.
Maybe I was just brainwashed….

Believe it or not, some parents are still teaching their kids manners.
However, some adults have forgotten theirs.

Like the whole speak when spoken to thing.
What? You mean you didn’t realize that if I say something to you, you’re supposed to respond? I’m not asking for lot here – just a little acknowledgement that I took a moment to expend my valuable energy on recognizing your presence in my general vicinity.

This really is a pet peeve of mine. I’m finding that it happens more frequently these days, especially when I’m out on my runs.

I try to greet each person I meet on the trails. I also make a point to dramatically wave at each passing car when I’m out on the roads, but that’s another story. ;)
Each time a person chooses not to respond, I have to fight the overwhelming urge to turn around and chase after them, trip them, or anything else to force them into acknowledging me.  Seriously, folks! SAY SOMETHING!!!

On the same token, folks best be glad that my momma taught me to be nice and mind my manners.

The Telephone
“Back in 1876 an ol' boy named Bell
Invented a contraption that we know so well.”

Thank you Reba.
And 1994.
But I really am thankful for the telephone, especially since I live a good 2 hours from family.

I probably spent the majority of my adolescent years on the telephone, so it’s pretty funny how much I hate talking on the phone now. I am glad, though, that my family is just a phone call away.

Whether it’s advice from my mom, a chat with my grandmother, or a call to say thanks to my grandad, I’m always glad A.G. Bell was such a smart dude.
And of course that I was a die hard Reba fan – otherwise I probably wouldn’t remember who invented the phone! ;D
Love hearing Grandaddy's voice on the phone.


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