To Something New

A lot can happen in a few weeks.

Ok, well duh.
So I’m gonna get down to the point here. I want to talk about gaining weight. 

I quit CrossFit.
I changed gyms.
I don’t run much.
And I eat. 
A lot.
You name it, and I’ve probably consumed it in the past few weeks. I have literally had no self restraint. Ice cream. Bread. Pasta. All those things I swore off a few years ago. All those things I said I wouldn’t eat because they’re unhealthy. Yes, those delicious things have been momentarily gracing my lips. And now, as one might expect, I’m finding reminders of those poor choices where else but my hips. And my chins

But I’m here to say that I’m ok with it - perfect even. 

In fact, I’m planning on doing much more of it in the next few months…


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