I've Gained So Much

I was doing some reflecting recently.
Honestly, that's sugar coating it - let's be honest...
I was thinking the other day around 3 a.m. when I was awake for the bajillionth time. I was thinking about this time last year. There was so much excitement in my house, with my family, at my school (also, there were full nights of sleep, but that's another story!). The holidays are always exciting, but it was around this time that we decided to share our nausea-laden good news with everyone.

On one of our many car rides throughout the holiday season last year, Adam and I set goals for 2015.
I'm happy to report that I accomplished all of my goals ---

except one.

It's the one that I actually was confident I'd be able to cross off.
The one I gave myself wiggle room on.
The one where I wanted to be back in my regular clothes by Christmas.

Negative, ghost rider.
Neg. A. Tive.

I guess I didn't anticipate gaining 47 pounds - only six of which were baby!
I guess I didn't anticipate a tiny person dominating so much of my time and energy.
I guess I didn't anticipate wanting to eat everything in sight every single day.

I've gained soooo much.

So much weight.
Six little pounds to start with. 

So many smiles.

So much experience.

So many memories.

So much joy.

So much love.

I'm so happy with my 2015 gains.

Here's the sweet gains LC has made since the last time I did one of these updates. It's easy to fall behind with so much going on!

At 5 months old, LC ---
- Reaches for and grabs her favorite crunch toys and mom's hair
- Rolls from front to back and back to front like a mad woman
- Has mastered the backwards scoot
- Now sleeps pretty well in her own bed in her own room
- Still has a bald spot on the back of her head
- Still has blue eyes
- Doesn't mind tummy time

At 5 months as a mom, Janell---
- Adores making LC laugh
- Loves taking LC on runs in her stroller
- Got her hair cut shorter
- Can now wear her wedding band again


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