It happened last week.
Just out of the blue, too.
I realized that I have a 7 month old daughter.
The hubs and I have been muddling through this strange land of parenthood for 7 months now.
And, consequently, I've been wearing my maternity pants and telling myself that it's ok - I just had a baby.

Seven months ago.

So, with that hard pill swallowed, I mustered all the courage I had, located the one pair of workout pants I own that fit (see mom pants), and packed my bags to head to the gym. Prior to October 2015, I had been a regular gym rat. Adam and I went to CrossFit many times a week. It was wonderful. But since having the baby, I'd only been to the gym once, and then we just did some weightlifting.

On that faithful Wednesday of last week, with butterflies in my stomach, I walked into the doors of Adam's CrossFit gym, CrossFit Protocol. The workout of the day was tolerable with burpees, rowing, and some pushing a sled. I felt as if I could manage.

What I didn't expect, though, was what other joy of motherhood I discovered.

It's terribly difficult to go into a new gym, know no one, and try to do movements in a new, mushier body. But I did it! We began with rowing. Sounds easy, but alas! In a mere 30 seconds, your lungs, abs, and legs all burn with a fiery greatness you never knew possible. Suddenly, I was done rowing though! I had hit my mark and it was time to go on to the next movement - burpees.

And that's when it happened.
The inevitable.
It came at some point during the burpees.
Who knows.

Honestly, I didn't notice it right away. After the rowing and burpees came more rowing and more burpees. When we finished with that, we had a short break before pushing a weighted sled and MORE burpees. Maybe it didn't occur until my second  round of burpees? All I know is that it happened.

When the workout was finally over.
When my legs felt like jello.
My lungs were on fire.
And I saw dear hubs and my sweet gal---
That's when I realized what had transpired.
What with all the jumping around and can imagine.


So, I suppose that my daughter and I have quite a bit in common:
blue eyes
awesome shoe collection
fussy when sleepy
fussy when hungry
we pee our pants sometimes

Welcome to motherhood!


  1. You are so funny Janell. Lol. You made me pee a little. I guess I'll take my musher body for a run later. After all, I did just have a baby (19 years ago). 😜👍

  2. Love this! Happy to hear you are getting back into it! And girl, I think I wore my maternity pants for a whole year, pretty much with the same thought in mind - I just had a baby! LOL! You're doing awesome!

  3. It's called multi-tasking. You can exercise and pee at the same time. Now that's a talent. All it takes for me is a good laugh, a sneeze or a cough. At least you were doing something constructive!


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