It's a good morning.

My back door is open.
Outside, the birds are singing a wonderful tune as my sweet Buddy plods in and out.
The decision between soft comfy bed and the sweet waking world is a tough one.
For now, we're both inside.

I'm currently the only one awake - save my furry companions.
My ever trusty cup of coffee is by my side.
This is a rare, coveted moment of peace.
But butterflies are fluttering away in my stomach.

It's different this time.
Different feeling.
Different rituals.
Different running pals.
Different race.
But I'm certain it'll be fun.

I'm sure that I'll be significantly slower.
My face will be as red as a lobster.
I will probably have trouble moving later today.
And I will undoubtedly pee my pants.

But here I am.
Excited - kinda.
Prepared - kinda.
Ready - totally ready - to run a race.

My future running buddy.

Must teacher her proper selfie etiquette ASAP. 


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