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Hellooooo, summer!
My oh my how I've waited for sweet summer to arrive.
And boy did we set it off with style!
Immediately after school was officially out, as in one hour later, we departed on our first real vacation as a family of three. I say real vacay because we've taken weekend trips. But this --- this was set to be five nights of pure bliss, complete escape, the ultimate relaxation opportunity after the most challenging school year of my career.

Supposed to be.

Isn't that how it always goes, though? You set out and have these grand plans? Then they all change. But not because you want 'em to. They change out of necessity. Well, my big plans of "pure bliss, complete escape, and ultimate relaxation" changed.

Adam, LC, and I went on a beach trip with another couple; dear friends of ours who will be celebrating their second anniversary this month. They don't have any children, but they love LC oh so much. Well, I think they still do (after all her tantrums and whatnot...). Being around them for five nights really allowed Adam and me to reflect on our pre-baby life vs. our baby life.

As Adam and I drove back home, we had an opportunity to come up with some things we'd like to tell our younger selves - or maybe even pre-baby couples - about beach vacations.

1. Enjoy spontaneity. 
     Routine is everything. Put it on a t-shirt. Tattoo it on your ankle. Break your baby's routine and you ruin everything. This first lesson was learned early on. Like 4:30 a.m. early. 

2. Sand must be one of the plagues. 
     Sand gets everywhere. And it sticks around like an annoying younger sibling. Babies are just naturally sticky to begin with, so baby + sand is bound to be a dangerous combo. That, coupled with the fact that babies LOVE to put everything in their mouths is just great. Sand clump? Lemme eat it...  Don't be surprised to find some sand in your baby's diaper. Both when you go to change it today AND when you change it tomorrow. And that baby powder everyone tells you to use to help get the sand off sticky baby? It's just as bad. Now the sand is on the bottom of your feet, and you (as well as the house) are covered in a fine dusting of baby powder that just won't go away. And the baby's trying to eat that, too...

3. See food. 
     That's about all you'll do. You will no longer taste that delicious $20 seafood platter you've been longing for. By the time you wrangle the baby, painfully contort your sunburnt body to retrieve the toy from under the table, clean up the drink spill, and apologize to the strangers giving you the stink eye due to the baby's surprisingly loud pterodactyl-like scream, your food will just barely have warmth remaining. Then, before you start baby wrangling again, you will inhale your entire platter of food at an alarming yet impressive speed.  On a good note, though, doesn't speed eating increase your metabolism? At least that's what I tell myself....

All in all, we had a great time.
Great memories.
AND great pictures. :)

Hmm, wonder why we're up so early....

Hmm...wonder why someone's already napping....

I don't even know. 

My girl loves the sand. 

LC is pictured here in escape mode. :P

Quite possibly my favorite. 

Now I share a photo that almost caused me to pee my pants. This is a photo I share with you simply because I want you to experience the same Can't-Breathe-Almost-Pee-Your-Pants belly laugh that I had when I first laid eyes on this photo. Honestly, I'm not sure how or WHY I made this expression. I mean, is this even real life? It can't be. I don't even know. 


Just know that I must really like you to share this. 


No words.
Just no words. 

Did you pee your pants?
I hope so.


  1. Great post--yea the sand part isn't so fun...but Washington and Oregon beaches aren't quite as sandy, so the kids eat rocks!!

  2. Glad you had the experience. There will be so many more to come. Thanks for sharing.


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