Writer's Block

You should be ashamed of yourself.
After all this time together - all the real talk we had during my pregnancy, during LC's first year of life - all that time together and you never told me!
You never once mentioned that ---

it doesn't get easier.
It just gets different. 
It gets weird. 

The reality of it, though, is that I can't entirely blame you! Mom (and dad!) life is tough. Tougher than I ever thought it would be. Man, I totally get it that we're all down here in the trenches just trying to survive. Trying to find that lost shoe. Trying to clear a path through the house. Trying to make sure that we all go out in public fully clothed and free from wearing lunch in our hair. While rewarding, I go to bed each night purely exhausted. Sometimes I sleep like a log, other times I sleep so little that I still rock the zombie mom status the next day. It's all good though. 

But all that's to tell you ---- 

it doesn't get easier.
It just gets different. 
It gets weird. 
And you never mentioned that to me. 

I have this idea.
This idea that scares me silly.
But an idea, nonetheless, to write about about it.
About growing a baby.
And about surviving the little monster.
And about how fun that little monster gets to be.
I would LOVE to write a book about it.

Hahaha, with allll this free time I have... ;)

But anyway, LC is so much fun now. She pretty much runs the show here, and we're cool with it.
I'll leave you with pictures because I just can't seem to find the words anymore (dreaded writer's block?!?). And besides, pictures are fun!

Wardrobe is ready for Halloween!

Mom: Human Jungle Gym

LC at Isom's Orchard pumpkin shack. 

Really, who has time to smile for a picture when there are Cheerios and chips to be had?
She's definitely my child. 

This was taken on LC's first birthday. :) 


  1. Finally another great story. It's been a long dry spell and I don't care for that.


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