This One's Not Funny

This blog isn't funny or clever. 
But life is. 
And so are moms. 
Isn't it funny how they're are always right? 
I'm still waiting on that to describe me... 
My mom always thought I'd grow up to be a teacher even though I wanted to be a hair-cutter-girl, a nurse, an occupational therapist. 
She was right - I came around to what I'm sure is my calling. 
And I love it. 
I sometimes feel guilty about that, especially when others talk about how much they hate their jobs. I feel guilty that I love my coworkers, dealing with a circus, my kiddos. Things get crazy sometimes. There are days I really want to quit. 
But when I compare it to other jobs I've held, this one take the cake --- easily. 

One of my favorite times at school is right before Christmas break. 
It's wild and truly a mad house! Not only are the kids anxious, but the teachers are, too. 
I love seeing the kids come in lugging bags of gifts or treats for their parties. 
I love the joy kids get from sharing Christmas cheer. 
From a homemade card, to nicely wrapped gifts - the joy is the same. 
This year, among the candles, candies, and niceties I received, one gift stands out. 
It was from a little boy that I just adore - I seriously love this kid. He stood over my desk and pointed to a bag with no name on it. 
"That's from me." 
Inside was a rice crispy treat and a small plastic flute. 
He sheepishly grinned as I hugged him and said my thanks and vowed to learn to play a tune over break.
I love it. 
Regift or not, he thought of me. 
That's when I got it --- it's the thought that counts.
Does it make me an adult that I understand that old adage? 
Probably so.
And I'm ok with that. 

This year, I'm embracing the thought
I've not stressed over gifts or scheduling. 
We're geared up to enjoy our time together. 
I'm making a point to spend quality time with family, catch up with friends, and soak up the moments - even if they are a bit different this year. 

This is the first year I will not be waking up at my parents' home in Tennessee. 
Typing that now, it kinda makes me get all teary eyed. 
But it's time to begin new traditions. 
Our families have graciously rearranged traditions to accommodate our wish to wake up as a family in our house. That also makes me get all teary eyed. 
I'm so excited to see my family this season, to spend time with them laughing and sharing stories. 
I can't wait to see LC experience Christmas morning. 
I can't wait to see the joy on Adam's face as he watches her. 

So, here's to new traditions.
To not stressing over the gifts I haven't bought.
Or the cards that still haven't been sent.
To not flipping out over the special Santa cookie plate or milk glass we don't have.
To remembering the thought that means so much. 
And to enjoying the moment. 

And now for a few moments from last year ---

Look at this little one last year!!!


Christmas 2015 - 5 mo

Christmas 2016 - 17 mo

And now cue the tears! ;)


  1. Wonderful. Doesn't always have to be funny to be enjoyable.

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