It's been a while since I last had the time - or took the time, rather - to sit and actually write.
Like everyone else, I've been busy.
Busy with work.
Busy keeping my house looking like we may not always be slobs.
Busy wrangling my one-child-circus.
Busy with grad school.
Just busy.

But I've really missed this. I've written many partial blogs in my head. I'll have a wonderful idea while driving, or cleaning, or doing who knows what, but I never take time to write it down. And I miss doing that.

So here we are. LC is busy snoozing. The Hubs is off at a meeting. And I am alone with my keyboard. Like all solid relationships, we easily pickup just where we left off. Easy.

And isn't easy wonderful?
I am oh so grateful for the easy things in life.
Friendships and relationships that come easy. That pick back up right where they left off. That never leave you wondering. The easy ones. Mercy. Those are the relationships to never let go of!

But even while easy is wonderful, so is the struggle bus.
And boy howdy do I ride that struggle bus pre-tty often these days.

My child, do not let her fool you - she is not easy.
She's like wrestling an octopus.
An octopus with an incredibly strong personality and desire to do things her way.
I'm not sure how she can manage to go from perfectly sweet one second to alligator-tear-tantrum-throwing octopus the next. In the blink of an eye, she can go limp (what I like to refer to as boneless), crawl up your entire body, squirm around your shoulders and back, and completely mess up your clothes, hair, and makeup in the blink of an eye. That's pretty amazing. Also annoying.

Is it mean that I took photos of this? 

If you shift your focus for mere seconds...

But I think it's the not so easy stuff that makes a person grow.
How much is my octopus daughter teaching me through these tantrums?
Patience? Tact? Who knows. But I do know that it makes our relationship stronger. She's like this cute little complicated puzzle that I'm learning to figure out. Fun, but not easy.

Also not easy has been juggling everything.
My octopus.
It's been difficult, but worth it.

Today was a big day.
BIG day. But definitely not easy.
For months now, my friend and I have been training for a half marathon. Through sickness. Through heat. Through cold. We've put in the miles, and today it paid off. I cannot wait to see my photos from race day. I probably have the cheesiest grin on my face in all of them! The joy I felt to be back was obvious. It was not my best half marathon time, but it definitely was not my worst. Nevertheless, I finished - and that was the goal. Just to finish.


I don't know that I've ever wanted something so badly. I couldn't wait to cross the finish line, my come-back-kid performance, and know that I could still do it. I could - can- still run long distances. Y'all, it was the best feeling, and I still cannot believe that I did it.

Prior to LC, I kinda took it for granted. I practically stayed ready for a half marathon.
My last half was March 1, 2015 at 6 months pregnant.
I stopped running after that, and I never thought I'd do it again. The excuses and hurdles just seemed too much to overcome --- I had gained so much weight. Two of my running partners moved. My other running partner dumped me. I had a c-section and did not recover well. And looking back now, I'm pretty certain I had a tough, extended bout with postpartum.

But through the struggle comes growth, right?
I'm fairly certain it's true.

Neda and me just before the starting gun.

Half Sisters --- 13.1!

Loved having my biggest cheerleaders there. :) 

Welcome home, welcome home. 


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