small steps

Settle down, because what I’m about to tell you is BIG.

There is, in fact, something beyond three.
It’s known as “Four Miles.”
I’ve seen it, and I lived to tell about it.
But barely.

My ankles ache.
My quads are killing me.
And my back – I can’t figure out why it hurts, but it does.
It feels like Four Miles issued a beat-down on me.
I won this face-off.
For reals.

In other news…
-I had TWO absolutely delicious Thanksgiving meals and a fabulous time with my family.
-Adam and I purchased our first Christmas tree.
-In trying to make room for the tree, I managed to break the tv stand.
-For the first time evah, I’m almost finished with my Christmas shopping, AND it’s not even December!
-AND I got to see my husband and my grandmother, Me Eye, in a shoot-out. 


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