There’s no question about it – I’ve been super duper lazy this summer.
I’ve accomplished very little, read only a couple of books, but I have watched copious amounts of television.
And honestly, I’m completely fine with it.

While I’ve become all too familiar with numerous television series, I’ve also watched a few movies. But while most people pick the movies with big stars in them, I always opt for the documentaries. I know, I know – NERD. Most recently, I watched one titled Happy which surprisingly talked about…. happiness.
Ole professor in the movie said something that really stuck with me – it was something along the lines of people who take stock of their blessings each week tend to be happier.

I like it.
So Imma do it.

My Legs

Ok, I know this one sounds weird. It is.
Growing up, I never really liked my legs. My ankles are tiny. My calves are puny. My knees are knobby. And my thighs, well they’re normal. However, compared to my tiny ankles and calves, they look monstrous. A few of my friends used to lovingly call me Frog Legs. I laughed, but I hated it.
Now, I’m pretty much in love with my legs. For the first time ever, there’s actually muscle on those bad boys. I’m talking visible muscles with indentations and everything! I’m in awe of the way they function, the simple complexity of their give and take. I love knowing the different leg muscles, how they connect, how they function, where they attach.
But I’m so thankful to have legs that keep me running. ;)
Buddy's legs are also nice. ;)

If you know me at all, you understand my love for mornings.

In college, I earned the nickname of Granny Jane because of the hours I kept.
On the rare occasion that I had to perform some work related task at any time past 10 p.m., it was almost guaranteed that I would be quite unpleasant. As a Resident Assistant in the dorms, I yelled at and lectured men twice my size for breaking the rules such as being in the building past curfew. I hear that this happened more than once.

I still embody the Early to Bed, Early to Rise mentality, and I find that it keeps me happy. Peaceful mornings with my cup of coffee creamer and Pinterest. Running around the neighborhood before anyone is awake. I love it. 

The Husb
Well, obviously.
But seriously, this guy is amazing. I love that he always makes me laugh, tries to get me to dance (even though I look like Elaine), and ignores everything that I say or do when I’m hangry.
And he cooks me breakfast every morning.
With lots of bacon.
He’s knows the way to my heart.
Trying to get this guys to be serious for photos was quite difficult. <3
Photo by Mary Colleen Photography


  1. All the reasons I call you my fran. Except the one about your husband, of course.

  2. I love your list! I used to be a morning person, too, but I've really gotten in a bad habit of sleeping late this year. I always feel better when I wake up early, so I need to fix that! That photo is so cute!

  3. Love that last picture of you guys!


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