Lately, I’ve been trying to think more. Like, about important stuff, you know? Not just about when I can go shopping next or what I need to cook for dinner. I want to be an inquiring mind. Or an inquiring Googler.
Here are a few of my recent Google searches:

-how do monkeys eat bananas
-do Native Americans go bald
-why does your voice change as you get older
-why does the soleus muscle hurt
-how to grow rice
And just for the record, Google has not failed me yet; I know the answer to each of the above questions.
I’ve also been thinking about goals.
And the fact that I really haven’t set too many in the past few years.
So, what better time than now to set some goals – eh?

  • Get Involved (community, charitable organization, etc.)

I’ll be honest: I just put this as a goal because I’m already working on completing it. Scoff not, dear reader, because I know I’ll be able to cross this one off my list. Small goals, friends, small goals.

  • Run a Half Marathon

I’ve thought about this one for a couple years now, but since running three miles seemed like a huge obstacle, I figured I’d never be able to do 13.1. We’ll see if I can do it come April 28th, 2012- Country Music Half Marathon, babes.

  • Compete in the 2012 Warrior Dash

I wanted to do it last year, but was too scared. I’m just gonna (wo)man up and do it. September 22nd in Tennessee. I ain’t scared. You can come, too. Please?

  • Become a Triathlete

This goal came to fruition last night. I got really excited, then realized that I don’t know how to swim.

  • Learn How to Swim

Although I have a mean doggie paddle, I don’t think I can do that for too long. I need to learn how to swim – the real way. I need a swim instructor. And a place to swim. And I guess I should also conquer my fear of water deeper than four feet.

  • Seek an Advanced Degree

I have a couple options here:
A. English
B. Education
B. Physical Therapy
I plan on making that decision this summer. Pray fer me!  

Six goals. I like ‘em.


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