Better, It's Gotta Get

You probably shouldn’t read this.
I won’t judge you if you quit reading and turn back now.
It’s depressing. It’s girly. But most of all, it’s ridiculous. 

It started back in July: my knee.
(Not this knee- the other one.)
It just kinda hurt.
Then it ached.
Then it really hurt.

I tried to make it better.
When that didn’t work, I put on my big girl panties and went to the doctor.
He told me that I had bursitis.
(Old people get bursitis.)
Probably from overdoing it.
As in from running and P90X.
So I took my medicine.
And I quit doing P90X.
And after a month of pain, my knee felt better.

This evening, I was home alone.
I played my music loud.
I didn’t cook dinner.
I did what I wanted.

And I decided that I wanted to try to run.
So I laced up my shoes and hit the asphalt.

After thirty-four
days, I ran again.
And it was all I imagined it would be.
For the first half mile.

Then, I felt the pain.
The Old Person Bursitis Pain returning.
I finished out my mile with Buddy by my side.
I stretched and stretched and stretched my legs.
I even rolled them out.

Intense emotions rumbled through my body.
I wanted to punch the wall.
But I didn’t.
Instead, I gingerly climbed into the shower.
And began to cry.
Feeling exactly like I had just been dumped.

When there were no more tears,
I got out.
By the time I made it to the kitchen, the school girl sobs had returned.

Feeling like a scene from a movie,
I've planted myself on the couch.
With my box of tissue.
No television, just silence.
And the food in which I’m finding solace:
Waiting for my husband to return.
So I can cry on his shoulder.

Perhaps I am a runner no more.
[insert extreme sad face here]


  1. Don't you give up! It's just another bump in the road. Either you'll find something new to fall in love with, or you'll find a way to make it work. No matter what, you'll find a way to do what makes you happy, and that's what counts.


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