Seriousness, Y'all

I am
All of the above.

See, I'm on week three of my right knee cap feeling like it's going to pop off at any moment. Three weeks of constant tightness in my medial anterior knee, a burning sensation with each step, and a deep fear and loathing of my own body. It came out of nowhere, too; just this terrible pain one Monday. Stiffness. Pain. And then the inability to run comfortably.

Two Saturdays ago, the last time I ran,
I cried.
I boohooed like a baby because I was so angry and outdone with my inability to power through it.
It was all I could do to run/walk five of the eleven miles we were scheduled to do.

Yes, I've been to the doctor.
I had x-rays taken.
I was poked and prodded.

He assured me that my patella (probably) wasn't going to pop off.
I've been popping naproxen and ibuprofen like nobody's business.
There are three ice packs in my freezer.
And I love my Biofreeze.
But I'd love definitely relinquish my Biofreeze for the pain to go away.

So, I've raised my money for TNT.
So many people have helped me in my quest to reach my fundraising goal.
So many people have encouraged me.

And I don't want to let them down.


  1. You won't be letting anyone down...I am rather worried about your knee though! I would rather you let your knee heal than force yourself to run through extreme pain. AND whatever happens, I am proud that you were able to raise all that money for such a good aren't out of the game yet...there is still time left...over a month...and I'll be praying for you and your knee.

  2. You wouldn't be letting anybody down girl. You have to take care of your knee. Sometimes you don't need to push through the pain. It may be your body's way of saying slow down for a minute. :-) Praying for you.


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