Gimme Gimme

Stuff I really really want but refuse to buy for myself:

 A Lobster Claw Mitt

Wouldn't I look super cool baking with those bad boys? Yeah, I need one.

     I loooove my Toms that Adam got me last year, but I think it's time for a new pair. Since they're out of the amazing giraffe print ones I so desperately want, I'll settle for these bad boys.

Adam - they have a really cute dark gray pair at Mountain High... :)

I think I need this Yankee candle. I loooove Yankee Candles. :) Actually, anything Yankee would make me a very happy girl...

I'm fairly certain that the world may end if I do not get a Book Book to cover my MacBook. In red, please. :)

I have this Brooks running skort in black, and I would wear it every day... you know, if that was acceptable. I'm thinking that if I get this lovely turquoise one, I can at least alternate days... :)

And if you wanna get me something really nice, you could always spring for these Jimmy Choo Irenas. Swoon. ;)


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