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It’s a long weekend. Yay!
Annnnnd I woke up sick. Who does that?
Usually, my sickness creeps on during the day. I wake up feeling all sunshine and daisies then, midday, I’m all snot and sneezes. Gross, but true.
Anyway, I’m excited. Why? Because I’m starting something crazy tomorrow – something crazy good.
Last week, the husb declared September No Eat Out Month.
Ack! That means I have to….


Actually, that’s not a big deal. Since I’ve been trying to do the Paleo bit, my cooking skillz have actually improved. I haven’t really messed anything up in a good bit. (No botched meals!? Do I get an award for that?)

So, when my frien Whitney suggested that I hop aboard the Whole 30 ship with her, I graciously accepted. It’s basically what I’ve been doing. Well, trying to do. And you know what wise words Aaliyah extened our way…

Howeeeeever, I have to give up my coffee creamer. Which I love. And we’re talking about a serious love that runs deep.
I don’t really like the coffee. I like the creamer.

Newsflash: Coffee without the tasty artificial sweetness of fancy creamers stinks. How do you people drink this mess?

A's morning cuppa espresso. No sweetness there.


Photo shoot taken at our last supper out: Texas Roadhouse.

So I suppose I’ll be starting the work-week sans my trusty cuppa joe tomorrow. That being said, I’m downing coffee today like it’s the end of the world. Didn’t notice? Not even with all those looooong words up there? Shame on you.

Also happening now…

The husb is watching television…
In his man room!
Yessss! Saturday football will no longer be in my living room! I couldn’t be happier about this development. Rearranging the WHOLE house to create his football television haven was the best way to spend an entire Saturday afternoon. He’s happy, too. There aren’t seventeen pillows on his couch for me to rearrange every time he gets up. And he doesn’t have to use a coaster on his side-table. I'm expecting a "No Girls Allowed" sign to appear on the door any day now.

Ok, ok.
It’s time for me to get productive on the Labor Day.
I’m gonna be proactive and prep for the week ahead.
But probably just until the coffee buzz wears off.

Here’s what I’m cookin’ up this week:

Monday: Spaghetti & Meatball Bites (made with spaghetti squash)
Tuesday: Crockpot Coffee Short Ribs
Wednesday: Coffee Marinated Steak Fajitas
Thursday: Butternut Squash Curry Chili
Friday: Curry Meatballs with Asparagus and Cauliflower Rice

Hmmm, I guess if I’m not gonna be drinking my coffee, I’m gonna cook with it? If you wanna see how my meals turn out, want to join in on the Whole 30 fun, or just wanna be nosy, check out the cool Southern Paleo Facebook page.

[Sidebar: I somehow managed to watch every episode of Pretty Little Liars Netflix has available. That's a whopping two seasons of the cheesiest teen soap opera drama around. And now I miss it. :(  What happened to Mona at the end of season 2?!? Was she really the only A, or are there others? And who is responsible for the Ultimate Betrayal I've read about??? Ugh. This is pathetic.]

And now for your viewing pleasure, one of my favorite songs from 2000----


  1. I think you have convinced me to give this a try. I'm just frustrated that I saw this the day after I went to the grocery store and bought two loaves of bread, cheese, pasta, and crackers. UGGH.

    1. Yay, Star! You could start it after you eat that? I'm all about the "waste no, want not" mentality. However, neither the pasta nor the crackers will spoil, so put off eating them? :) Let me know what you decide to do!

  2. I loved that song from Aaliyah, too! Just dust yourself off and try again, sister!


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