Life Lessons

As with most cool things, I found this one by way of a friend's blog - Love You Muches. She's a committed, savvy blogger who is always on her A Game. She recently linked up with a group I'd never heard tale of - Rocket City Bloggers on their Year Long Blogging Challenge.

Well, Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul - it is just what I needed. While it often isn't very good, I simply adore writing, but find that I ofttimes neglect it for Facebook. Lame. Thus a conclusion has been reached .....

Last week's topic came in the form of a question:
What is the  most important life lesson you've learned to date?

The answer came easily, but the lesson did not. In fact, this is a lesson I'm still working on, and it seems to be getting tougher.

My maternal grandmother, Lydia, exuded many of the qualities I cannot seem to master. I never heard her speak an ill word about another person, she was always kind, giving, loving - really, the list could go on. Many of these things I choose to work on in order to be like her, but the one that keeps kickin' my tail is patience.
The most important life lesson I've learned is to be patient - and patience is indeed a difficult virtue to master.

Patient people always seem so calm, so at peace with themselves.
Me? I pace, fidget, clean, or nervously wiggle my foot when I have to wait.

But honestly, I don't even know if I can just sit and wait anymore. Within ten seconds, I typically whip out my iPhone and peruse the Facebook or Instagram. Yeah, because it's so important. I know.

But it's the life lesson that I keep learning.
Or trying to learn. :)


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