It’s 5 o’clock on a Friday night.
The house is clean.
The fridge is full.
I’ve already had dinner.
And I’m sitting on the couch in some elastic waistband pants (NOT lazy pants – I sometimes workout in them!).

The hubs and I have no plans tonight. Apparently no one wants to go out and play with us.
Sigh. We’re old.

But that’s ok.  I’d rather be here all cozied up with my blanket.
This rare opportunity of downtime has given me time to think – to reflect, even – on the past year.

I’m embarrassed, though, that I had to flip through my phone’s camera roll to remember what we did earlier in the year. “/  Really? Geez Louise.  That being said, what better way to present my 2013 than in pictures!
So without further adooooo:

I began the year by challenging myself to raise money for LLS again and to run a stinkin’ marathon. I mean, who voluntarily signs up to run 26.2 miles? Little did I know that many friendships (and calluses) would be forged on this long and painful journey.
January is cold, y'all. I'm the running ninja on the left.

February was a big month.
 I ran.
A lot.
I had my first 16 miler. And 18 miler. And 20 miler.
My little brother turned 24 (what? I’m just 24… oh wait…).

I got up close and personal with this cow.

But most importantly, my childhood dream of going to Space Camp was fulfilled.
Where this happened…

Biggest story of the month – I put my giant dog in a button-down shirt.
He loved it.

Also, we planned a big kid vacation. One with flying and stuff.
Ah, Buddy!

After MONTHS of waiting, I finally mustered the courage to cut off my ridiculously long hair. Donation time!

Also after months of waiting, my marathon day finally came. My sweet husband and coach drove me and my mutant butterflies residing in my stomach up to Ohio. It was hands down the most difficult thing I’ve done. I mean, I cried.

I hurt for weeks after that bad boy.
However, I learned that I am capable of far more than I think.

In June, the hubs and I ventured to Washington State and cruised to Alaska. This was quite a feat seeing as the hubs can’t stand the thought of flying. I may or may not have told him that I would go with or without him…

We had a good time.

Us and a big chunk of ice.

July was a special month.
The hubs and I started CrossFit.
We spent a week with my sweet family. More importantly, this was a week that I didn’t have to cook my own food, do laundry, or worry about anything. It was amazing.
We also got our first professional pictures made. Photo shoots are easy for serious folks like us.

"Just act natural..."

First day of schoooooool….

I met someone really rad in September.
Well, I didn’t technically meet her. Not yet, at least.
See, when you try to search for yourself in Instagram, you sometimes get other people by the same name. But other Janells? Not likely.
Low and behold – another JANELL HILL!!!
Yeah. True story. She’s into fitness (she does CrossFit, too).
AND she’s married to a man with a big red beard.

Pretttttty cool, if you ask me!

I turned 27 again!
And I also had my first fall while running.
This was on a bridge.
In the dark.
With traffic.
In the middle of some teeniney town in Tennessee.
While I busted up my knee pretty badly, I was more bummed about ripping my favorite running capris. :(

This is well before the great fall.

I honestly don’t know what happened to November. I have virtually no pictures from that month! I mean, I know I ran… I ate… I went shopping…

Each December, I get all teary-eyed thinking about how lucky I am, what a great year it’s been, you know.

But I am.
And it was.

And now I can’t wait for all the special memories my 2014 camera roll is sure to hold! 
On a side note, I found this gem of a picture while thumbing through all of my pictures.
This is from Christmas 2012 when I got a 22 and a stuffed squirrel.


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