Lexington Kentucky's Run the (Wet) Bluegrass

What. A. Weekend, y’all.
Too good for too many words.
Here it is in pictures.
And some words.

I'm always excited to see my name on a race bib.
I'm also always pretty excited to take a selfie.

The line for the porta potties was crazy long.
And it was crazy windy, too.
I think our faces say it all.

Hills. We ran down lots and lots of hills.

This is me trying to take a selfie while running down a hill.

After running down the hills, there were more to run back up!
Confession - I straight up stole this picture from  my friend Karen.

Ok, this is really why I was trying to take a selfie while running. I wanted a pic of those folks!
In the midst of my whining about being cold and running up and down hills, this was happening.
She was even singing.
And she finished ahead of me.

We were all really happy to finish.
And to regain the feeling in our digits.

So, after a long car ride home from Kentucky and a few hours of sleep, I needed to complete the last CrossFit Open workout. Boy was it a doozy.

I took this one after I skinned my knee, finished the workout, almost lost my lunch, and cried a little.
I was pretty tired.

Action shot, courtesy of the hubs.
Apparently I keep a death stare when working out...

In two weeks I have this coming up....

Eeek! An opportunity for more SELFIES!!! ;)


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