Can't Wait

I find myself thinking about those words a lot...
I can't wait until LC will fit into this cute outfit...
I can't wait until Halloween this year! What can she be...?
I can't wait until I can run with LC...
I can't wait until LC stops crying all of the time...
I can't wait until  I can embarrass LC with all these pictures...

I even remember using them months ago ---
I can't wait until I look pregnant (ha!)...
I can't wait until I can feel her kick...
I can't wait to have this baby...

But there have already been so many firsts.
She's already more alert. I couldn't wait for that.
She's trying to focus on things. Couldn't wait for that either.
And I can tell she's getting longer and gaining weight. Another thing I was anxious for.
I even heard her first giggle the other day. Granted, I didn't do anything to get this giggle- it was at 3 a.m. in her sleep, but it was still the most adorable thing ever.

With all this can't waiting going on, she's accomplishing a lot. She's teaching us tons.
And it's pretty amazing to see her grow, change, discover.

So, this week,  LC turned 4 weeks old. Four weeks of dirty diapers. Spit-up everywhere. Lost sleep. And lots of staring at the scariest, most amazing experiment ever.

At four weeks old, LC loves to ---
- Eat
- Cry
- Stroll (still)

Such a cry baby sometimes... ;)

At four weeks as a mom, Janell ---
- Has learned to function on very little sleep
- Rarely gets to dry her hair
- Is less OCD about things around the house
- Loves to take LC on strolls


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