What? I'm a mom?

We're three weeks into this adventure, and boy has it been something else.
Much like the belly button saga of pregnancy, there are just so many joys of parenthood that you never really expect - things no one ever mentions.

The coos, chirps, and sighs in her sleep.
Her inane ability to dirty a diaper right after being dressed in absurdly cute pants.
Little reflex smiles that melt your heart.
Being peed on.
Her staring straight at you with adorable little eyes.
Screams that the whole neighborhood hears.

We're still trying to figure one another out, but it's going ok.
I say this as she's fast asleep. ;)

So far, LC loves to put on a show for all of her visitors. She's so sweet and cuddly - never makes a peep.

But then when they leave....

The best advice came from one of my friends. He comes from a HUGE family and has one precious little boy of his own ---

"Infants are easier to handle if you think of them as drunk adults. Drunk adults are all about basic things. They get upset and cry when they are hungry, sleepy, gassy, or bored. And sometimes they will be upset regardless of what you've done, and at that point you just gotta hold them and let them cry."

His words could not have come at a more perfect time. Sometimes the best medicine is laughter. There have been many instances where I'm at my limit, tears streaming down both of our faces. What do you need, LC?!?  But somehow she stops crying and things are alright again.

At three weeks old, little Lydia Claire Bear loves to -
- Ride in the car
- Go on a stroll
- Eat
- Be swaddled
- Cry from 9-11 P.M.
- Pee on her parents right before/after a bath

At three weeks as a mom (WHAT?!? I'm a mom?!), Janell ---
- Feels accomplished if showered before noon
- Routinely sports clothes with spit-up on them
- Is amazed at how long getting ready to go somewhere takes with a child
- Can change a dirty diaper 30 seconds flat
- Melts when LC gazes at me
- Has no recollection of what 8 hrs of sleep feels like

Also, I recently found our very first family photo on AHill's phone! How in the world some folks manage to look great after all that is beyond what I understand - I look a hot mess with my chipmunk cheeks and messy hair! But I love it. :) And I love us...all three of us!


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