Is this it?

It's taken a while - nearly 8 weeks, to be exact - but I think we're there.
That once mythical place in parenthood that I thought only existed in the minds of other, seasoned parents. That spot where it is fun and there are fewer tears.
We're finally there.
I think.
Given, we may be in a totally different place tomorrow or the next day, but right now--- we're there. And I like it.

My sweet little sleepy, squishy baby is coming alive. She's talking to me, smiling at me, and loves to play. It's baffling how one little person can change completely from week to week, but she manages to do so.

I love making her smile. :) 

Second favorite thing to do - play on her mat. I'll let you guess what her favorite thing to do is. ;)

At first, I was petrified to take this little punk out anywhere. I was trapped. But she's calmed down, I've braved up, and we've taken on the outside world quite a few times. We've been out to eat, gone to get groceries, and even just walked around the square shopping. Honestly, I'd almost rather take her with me now than leave her at home! This must be what all those folks were talking about - parenthood being the best thing ever. It has to be because those first weeks - eek!

Our first restaurant outing - Mexican!

On a walk with Buddy. Sidebar - she's not a boy. Nope, she's not wearing a bow.
Yep, she's wearing blue. But there's a flower on her shirt! 

At 8 weeks old, Lydia Claire ---
- Still hates riding in the car
- Loves to stare at the birds on her play mat mobile
- Kicks her chicken legs all of the time
- Adores being worn (Boba and ring sling)
- Enjoys bath time
- Now wearing 0-3 month clothes
- Has started sucking on her fingers/hand
- Will NOT drink from a bottle (uh oooooh!)

At 8 weeks as a mom, Janell ---
- Loves wearing baby
- Covets baby cuddles
- Wishes baby would take a pacifier
- Never has time to fix her hair (ponytail!)

One of the hardest things about the first couple months of parenthood was breastfeeding. I thought that would be the easy part! Wrong. I wrote about it here, but it's presented a big issue. Well, two big issues. I may have carpal tunnel in my thumb from scrolling on my phone while she nurses, but that's another story. ;)

Baby girl refuses to take a bottle. Cue mom's panic. Eek! We go to daycare soon! She'll starve! They'll kick her out! I'll have to quit working! We'll all starve!!! Yeah. Bless Adam's heart for enduring my panic. However, it is a pretty serious issue. It's been 1-2 weeks since she last had one, so I have no idea what's going on! Dr. Google has told me lots and consequently scared me to death. Anyone else experienced this?

Classic baby in a basket photo. Still no bow, still not a boy. Just a naked baby.
7 weeks

Classic baby in a suitcase photo. Everyone does this, right?
8 weeks


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