Breaking the Silence.

I love Harry Potter.
When I finished the series, I felt like I had lost my closest friends --- even shunned from one of my favorite places and schools. I just get so caught up in that magical world, what with all the potions, spells, and strange animals. How could you not?

Out of all the animals in that series, I tend to fancy the dragon the most.
Able to easily take command of most situations.
Difficult to escape.

Maybe that's way I sometimes feel like my darling daughter is a miniature dragon.

Able to easily take command of most situations.
Difficult to escape. 

Yep, very dragonesque.
Many nights and naps have me feeling like a brave adventurer.
My methodical rocking or numbing silence having lulled babe into a sleep - then having to escape without waking her. I know what one false move can lead to...

Remember these?

Not actually at nap time, but the reaction is the same. 

Until my time trying to escape from my tiny dragon daughter, I never realized how loud I was. In the dead of the night, as I creep back to my side of the bed, I feel like the entire house echoes with my creeks and pops. First my big toe, then my knee, followed by my ankle. When did this happen???  Surely I haven't always been this rickety!

While I'm busy falling apart and making old lady noises, darling dragon daughter is busy growing and changing. Many times I wake to look at her and baffle at how she seems to have changed overnight. Just amazing.

I'm trying my hardest to be quiet, and she is finding her voice. Yeah, she's been pretty vocal from the get-go, but this kinda vocal is much cuter. We spend a lot of the day talking. Sometimes I ask her questions and she responds! I'm pretty sure she can already say "eeew" and "ah." This, of course, is in addition to her ever favorite "waaaaaa." Can't leave that one out.

At 9 weeks old, Lydia Claire---
- Is ticklish
- Has an adorable gummy grin
- Still refuses a bottle
- Definitely prefers sucking her thumb/hand to a paci

At 9 weeks as a mom, Janell ---
- Is so in love.


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