Oh Facebook.
The great black hole of time.
The gateway to all things nosy.
It's where I spent a lot of  this past summer.
And where I continue to spend a good bit of time in the dead of the night.

I have to admit, though. It's a habit (addiction) that I wouldn't mind shaking. I hate how much I wanna check it, how much joy I get seeing a red notification, how delighted I am by all those "likes" and comments.

Most of all, I hate how seeing all those pictures of smiling groups of happy people out having fun make me feel. Yes, that's jealousy creeping in. I wasn't invited?!? No one told me about this outing?

Now, never mind the fact that I've never really been a group outing person, never one for late nights. But having a baby and the consequent amount of time spent sitting and feeding sweet bae has led to this fear of missing out. FOMO.  And it's intense.

But why? I mean, there's really nowhere I'd rather be. I tried going out with this child once. Once! That's all it took for me to learn that the house if the best place for us right now. However logical I know it is that we are better off at home, I can't shake the FOMO. All those people just look so happy in the pictures. They look like they're having a good time hanging out. Eating. Talking. 

Really, it's ok. I know it won't be long until I look back at these intimate moments - just the two of us.
Her sweet gaze.

Her tiny hands.
That precious smile.
Her wanting, needing me.
It won't be long until those are but memories. And we'll be running around from piano lessons to cross country practice to Zaxby's (high hopes for this gal!) wishing for some downtime at home. I know, I know. 

But the FOMO is real. 

Speaking of FOMO, I've been missing out on this ridiculous mascara. Everyone was talking about it, but I just ignored them. Until now! My neighbor is a Younique representative, and so I asked her about this 3D mascara. Lemme just go ahead and say that I feel silly for not trying it sooner.

Since I'm a mascara junkie, I wanna do a full review about the product on my blog. Look for that soon. Maybe even a video of me trying to not poke my eye with the mascara wand! 

In the mean time, feel free to browse all of their products. They have a 14 day Love It Guarantee, so no big deal if you get something and don't like it. Just send it back!

Now that's a face I could look at all day! <3


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