I don't understand why some folks aren't into Halloween.
I mean, there's fun, creepy stuff....
Dressing up...
(My dad's birthday!)
And you get to ask strangers for tons of free candy.

Last year, my pals and I took a road trip on Halloween. You better bet we dressed up!

We certainly didn't try to freak out people we passed on the road. Never. 

Year before last year, Buddy and I dressed up to give out candy.

Me as Dorothy, Buddy as Dobby. 

I have a little something for LC to wear, but Buddy said he'd like to opt out this year. Too much doorbell action for him.

All that's to say--- I love Halloween.
I guess I do understand the hesitation towards really getting into the spirit. After all, those monsters can be scary!  But honestly, I'm finding that there are plenty of monsters in my life right now. Even without Halloween.

There are monsters in my closet. 
All of those clothes that I still cannot fit into haunt me each and every time I glance in there. All of this asparagus, salad, and lean protein makes no difference. My weight just won't budge. I know it's ok. I just had a baby--- blah blah blah. But I'm uncomfortable. All this extra padding just isn't me. I feel heavy. Dumpy. And just plain uncomfortable. However, I guess I'll just be uncomfortable while my hormones are all wackadoodle from being a milk machine. Baby's needs trump my need to clear out the closet monsters. 

There are monsters in my head. 
Never before have I doubted myself so much. There is so much advice out there - expert parents, Dr. Google...I just can't escape it. While it's oftentimes requested and warranted, it's confusing to sift out what seems right. Baby should sleep on her back - back is best! Be sure to put baby on her tummy - tummy time! Don't overfeed your child. Make sure you feed your child enough. Babies should sleep 10-12 hours a night - sleep begets sleep. But don't let your baby sleep too long. Keep your eyes peeled for signs of sickness. Just let her cold run its course. Baby shouldn't have diarrhea. Diarrhea is normal for some babies. It's ok for the baby to cry-it-out. Don't let your child cry too long or they'll feel abandoned.

Sometimes it's just too much. 

There's a monster in my bedroom. 
It's the tiniest monster I've ever imagined, but I don't want her to leave. She can stay. I know I have compared LC to a dragon in the past, but I think she's more of a monster right now. She leave a path of destruction wherever she goes (see my living room and car for proof...). She makes noises that wake you up in the dead of the night (noises which my supersonic hearing pickup on no matter how exhausted I may be). Definitely a monster.
But have you ever met a monster than can do tricks?
Mine can. :)
She knows how to smile.
But she can't roll over yet. We're working on that.

Happy Halloween from Lydia Claire!

At 17 weeks old, LC....
- Loves to look around
- Chews on her hands
- Drools constantly
- Had her first sickness - thank you daycare
- Loves to smile and laugh

At 17 weeks as a mom, Janell...
- Feels more confident going out with bae
- Has given up on LC's baby book
- Had her first sickness in 11 years - thank you daycare

Photo by Jessica McCravy Studios


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