I've always thought it was so corny when parents would post those three years ago today my life changed drastically status updates for their kids' birthdays or whatever. Phew. Well, duh. You had a kid.

But seriously, ya'll.
Three months ago, my life changed drastically.
I can't believe that it's already been three months. It's been the longest, fastest three months ever.
And I seriously can't believe just how drastically my life has changed.

My nail polish is usually chipped.
More often than not, my clothes have spit up on them.
I can't remember the last time I had a seriously clean house. Well, actually I can. It was June 30...
I'm perpetually running late for work- just can't tear myself away from her in those sweet morning hours. 
I've become crazy efficient with my morning routine. Ready, car packed, some chores done, and waking up baby by 6 a.m....

It's so true. Life changes so much with a kid.
Let's just talk about the fact that it's suddenly October - my birth month! Since Adam and I share a birthday, it's always been a big deal. We celebrate the whole week! That means parties! Daily gifts for Adam! Great plans for Oct. 2!
Well, I just realized that our birthday is on Friday.
We haven't celebrated.
I haven't gotten hubby anything.

I'm not sure if it's baby brain - another phenomenon I scoffed at but now know to be real - or that baby is just on my brain, but I can't remember anything these days. Important stuff, guys. Like the car seat. Yep. And that totally becomes a problem when you pick up your child in the afternoon and have no car seat in which to put the little tyke.
At least I remembered the kid...

Surprisingly, though, I don't forget mascara.
It's something I always find time for. Mostly because I look like a creeper without it.
Marathon = wore mascara.
Labor = wore mascara.
Errday = mascara.
All that's to say that I'm digging this Younique kind. It makes my lashes look nice and full - something they're not on their own. You can definitely go all tarantula eyelash with this stuff, or you can use sparingly and just look awesome. I'm having an online Younique party, so you can look at the stuff by using this link:

Fast feet.

Anyway, at 3 months, Lydia---
- Loves to suck on her hand
- Kicks her legs all the time
- Shares lots of smiles
- Sometimes tries to talk when asked questions
- Still sleeps through the night
- Has an adorable bald spot on the back of her head
- Hates tummy time

At 3 months as a mom, Janell---
- Loves making her girl smile
- Enjoys shopping with and for baby
- Can't decide what baby should be for Halloween
- Gets excited every morning when baby wakes up

Always with that hand... 


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