Facial Punctuation: (It's a Sign)

I’ve never really been the partying type – they always start too late for me. And I’ve always tried to take the “early to bed, early to rise” saying to heart in hopes of someday acquiring the aforementioned wealth. I’m still

Back on topic. Even during my college years, I had a punctual bedtime of 10 o’clock (which I thought was daring) and always rose at or before 6 o’clock, even when my first class was at 11. It was with this practice that my dear college dorm mate, Kate, dubbed me Granny Jane. Mama Kate always poked fun of me going to bed early, but it never deterred me. Now, at a quarter of a century old, rarely do I stay awake past las diez.

So, on the topic of age, my most recent list is one of things/embarrassing moments/ideas that bring up the quandary: Am I Getting Old?

1. I often think that by the time 10 a.m. arrives the prime hours of the day have already passed/been wasted
2.  I bask in the knowledge and glory that my lawn is greener than the neighbors’ (well, when I remember to water it).
C. I have forced at least one houseguest to eat something while visiting. Maybe more than one.
4. Somehow, Lowe’s has overthrown TJ Maxx as being my favorite store.
5. I prefer seeing a matinee because it isn’t dark when the movie is finished.
6.  Witty Stretch Armstrong or Spice Girls references go right over the head of most kids.
7.  I have said, more than once, that kids today are wilder than my generation.
8. I listen to the Adult Alternative music channel on the telly. ADULT!
9. I have found myself commenting on how inefficient an appliance is, or how nice crown molding looks, or how installing a sprinkler system would be an asset to our house (and my back < --- yes, my old decrepit back.). 
10. There are these new horizontal indentations in my forehead...and around my eyes.... "/
And yet, I still somehow feel young because I don’t own a pair of plain white tennis shoes – mine are bright pink. And I opt for style over comfort. :D That's got to count for something, right?


  1. Oh Granny Jane. Those were the days. I miss Kat so much! You were the diciplined one, while I was busy partying. Hey to each their own. I however possess a bad back, a bad knee. Love Lowes, and find myself saying, "No, that cost too much, wait till it goes on sale at the end of the season". I coupon, which in itself makes me old. I love it though. You know what? Kids today are wilder, they have no respect and they will never know the magic of singing along to Spice up your life! I have to go though, I need to take some aleve and call it a night!


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