If it feels like the first time...

 This has been a season of many firsts…
            First time to survive a natural disaster (perhaps I’ll elaborate soon),
            First battle royale with the insurance company over house repairs,
            First time to use a lawn mower & string trimmer (as I’m told it’s called,
                           rather than a Weed Eater-- Adam and Randy),
            First time to get maimed by a string trimmer… no ER trip necessary, though.

And honestly, this is the first time I’ve actually thought about my health and well being, as far as nutrients are concerned. I’ve enjoyed a healthy diet of fried foods and high-fructose corn syrup just like the majority of y’all. It’s been great, the fried chicken fingers, Dr Pepper, and lovely pies, but now that I’ve moved into another age bracket, I’ve noticed that my so-called metabolism actually must be slowing down. Bleh. Fine time to take a break, dude.

Anyway, Adam and I happened upon a film, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead made by an Aussie with a fantastic accent, and we were disgusted/inspired/intrigued.

In the case you’re like me (going to be lazy and not research the video yourself), I’ll nutshell it for you.

Guy is fat, sick, and has numerous health issues. He decides to only put fresh fruits and veggies into his body to see if it will alleviate some of his health problems. He uses a juicer to extract the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, thus has only juice for sixty days.

In the end, he is much healthier. Surprise, surprise. Imagine being healthy when your intake is natural, fruit of the earth. It’s not an entirely new idea. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne promoted this type of thing from the 50s until his death earlier this year.
Sounds glamorous, huh? Yeah, we thought so in our coffee buzzed daze, so we did what any normal couple would do: We rushed out and purchased a Jack LaLanne juicer and tons of fruits and veggies. It makes for a pretty refrigerator but most certainly merits strange looks at the supermarket. But not the Farmer’s Market. 
  know it looks disgusting, but it is actually quite tasty. I was pretty skeptical the first time, but I must admit that I opted for a juice over a chicken biscuit the other day. We’re not going crazy – just resetting our palate. Mexican, Chinese, Zaxby’s, and an embarrassing amount of other restaurants littered our bank statement each week. Now, I’m not gonna lie; a nice Big Zax Snack Meal looks tons more appetizing, but my Mean Green actually leaves me feeling better afterwards. 

Here’s to a nice palate reboot.
And then a trip to iHop shortly thereafter.
Just to make sure it worked, of course.

P.S. Does this mean I'm one step closer to becoming a hippie? :)


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