[witty title]

I’m so excited!
I’m so excited!
I’m so…
Well, not really scared, but I just can’t get Jessie Spano’s face out of my head when I say “I’m so excited.” However, I am excited, as previously mentioned, for various reasons:
I’m so stinkin’ excited about a break from school. I really do love my job, but I really love my lazy-stretchy clothes. AND I’m super pumped about…
Buddy & Gracie in front of the
only Christmas decor in the house! :)
Family & Friend Time
To kick off the holiday extravaganza, I’m hosting a lunch for some friends. This will mark the first party in MY very own house. When I have people over, I get all crazy about how my house looks. I really want it to look like the Christmas isles in Hobby Lobby, but I don’t have that much Christmas décor. And then I get all wound up about the tidiness of the house and end up dusting the top of the fridge and re-organizing the cupboards.  Like someone is really going to be tall enough to reach the cabinets above the fridge. Or even need to! BUT you never know. Precautions, my friends.
The next day, my sister-in-law from North Carolina is coming to spend the night with us --- our first overnight guest! So I’ve spend the last week clearing out the guest bedroom, finding the bed beneath all of the unwrapped Christmas gifts, rearranging the bedroom, debating on which way to turn the throw pillows. You know, the norm. All of this worry, and I just recalled that the curtains are still being held up by a yard stick…
Then it’s Festivus. Then it’s time to go to Tennessee! YAY! And then it’s Alabama Christmas time!

And then this is where I ask you to click on that nice little Google ad.
I'm a loooong way from raising my $1,800 for LLS.
Maybe an extra click or two.

Maybe Jessie just needed a little Christmas instead of all those caffeine pills… 


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