Verse. A. Tile.

 Fact: Sometimes I’m a slacker.
As in I forget to follow through on things. Never is it intentional, I promise. I think the whole “Thirty Days of Thanks” deal really brought it to my attention: I flaked out on day 19.
And I’ve kinda flaked out on my blogging, too.
Which is a shame because I really enjoy writing.

BUT (it’s a big ‘un, too, so get reeeeeady!) it’s like I feel this pressure to be funny and write well but I’m not funny in real life- I’m just goofy –but I don’t want to disappoint you, dear readers, when I write something that is less than uhmazing or not funny at all so sometimes I just don’t write even though I have a million things going through my head that I want to tell you because I’m afraid that you won’t read it and then I just couldn’t stand posting a blog only to have no one read it.
And breathe.
Man, it feels good to have that off my chest. So now we can move onto what truly prompted me to write this entry…

Today my neighbor, and fellow blogger, sent me a text message (I say “sent me a text message” because “texted” is a horrid verb. Shun it.).
Award? Me? My little ole bee log?

The Versatile Blogger Award

When I searched for a little info on this Versatile Blogger thing, all I could find was where other bloggers had posted about receiving the award. Brilliant. What a great way to expand our little bee log tentacles!
Like any good award, there are rules to follow and expectations to meet. However, first I suppose an acceptance speech is in order?

First of all, I would like to thank Love You Muches for nominating me – thank you for believing in me! Sob, sob. Also, a big shout out to the blogs I nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award and love to read on an almost daily basis:
Alis Grave Nil - A runner, a lover of the language, and an awesome writer
Cotton & Curls - An amazing blog about upscaling/redesigning fashion
Coming Unglued - This guy has such a quick wit.
Free Technology for Teachers - The title says it all.
Struggling Well With Life - Love love love
Sweet Verbena - This girl's got mad skillz.
The Crafty Organizer - Love this girl
 End scene. 
In keeping with the rules and expectations, I must share seven facts about myself, in addition to nominating fifteen (oooor six- I didn't follow the rules.) other bloggers. So, in no particular order, here they be:
- My clothes are arranged by color in my closet. Always.
- I would love to be that pre-recorded voice telling you to “press 1 for English.”
-I actually like to run.
-I really want to write a book. All I need is a plot. And characters…
-I go nowhere without mascara. Not even out to run.
-I’m beginning to think that I’m easily swayed. Not good.
-I’m so stinkin’ scared that I won’t be able to raise my $1800 for LLS to do my run!

Again, thanks to my sweet, sweet frien at Love You Muches for this. :) And don’t forget to click on those little ads. I need Google to give me money for my fundraiser!

Hmm…versatile. Like, spazzy?


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