Twelve Months

I love new things…
Especially years. It’s like hitting a “redo” button where you get to relive all those special momemts:

Like in January when you can’t feel your fingers when you go to get the mail.
Or March when you panic because you can’t find all of your tax documents.
And April when your allergies return and you sound like a man for almost the whole month.
Then comes June and July when you invariably get cooked while reading outside in the sun. Lobster red is not a good look.
And August when school starts again and you still haven’t acquired that great job you were promised by going to college.
September always brings about another wave of manly voice-ness, watery eyes, and stuffy nose.
Or when October makes you realize you’ve suddenly moved into another age bracket. WHAT? Late twenties? What’s that about?
And then comes Holiday Season where your own sanity is never questioned, but the sanity of family always is.
The great thing about getting to redo something is that you learn from the past. I’m sure that this next year will be amazing; I’ve learned so much in the year 2011…
January 2011: I wasn’t near as picky about the house we bought as I was when picking out a couch and loveseat. “It’s for sale? We’ll take it!”

February: I bought a $300 dog instead of a dining room table while visiting Story & Lee in Tennessee. I will always fall for puppy eyes.
April: Tornadoes suck.
May: Proration sucks.
June: Living in a house under construction with a husband on crutches sucks.
July: Not taking a vacation sucks.
August: Sometimes things happen for a reason – like a job. Ok, not sometimes, always.
September: I’ve learned how to play hardball when buying a car. Or at least I think I have.
October: Bill Cosby is one super cool guy, but Biloxi isn’t a super cool town.
November: I can actually run more than two miles. I can run more than three. Actually, I can run six miles in just over an hour, and I know I can go farther. Boom.
December: My family is amazing. Simply amazing. And Adam and I are blessed beyond belief.

Now, to make resolutions or not… I have fifty-two hours to decide…


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