Hair today...

The hair.
She is a’killin me.
There’s just so much of it.
It goes everywhere.

I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out to donate, but I’ve never had the patients to do so. It usually gets to my shoulders before I concede and have it chopped off. Then the whole process begins again.

This time, it’s different.
I’m determined.
But really, I’m without a hairdresser. So that helps.

I’m also trying to enjoy having longer hair. I’m trying new ways to pile it atop my head. Like this:

I spent an hour trying to perfect this lovely bun. I assure you that mine looks nothing like the chick in the instructions.

My go-to do for this year has been curls. Big honkin’ curls, and lots of ‘em.
Adam refers to it as Texas Big Hair, which I find somewhat endearing.

Nevertheless, I’m at that point once again: I want so badly to concede. I am ready to be done with this mess. It’s hot. It’s always tangled. It never stays in place.

Le sigh.
Maybe not much longer.
(Har har.)


  1. I have the same problem with my outrageous hair. Only I don't have the balls to chop it. LOL. PS... patients?? Was this on purpose? If so, do I get a prize for being the one to point it out?? Ha! I can't help but be nerdy like you ;)


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