With seven (SEVEN) days left until the BIG race day (duh, my ½ marathon, silly), I’m feeling a little… well, I’m feeling a lot of things to be honest.

-Nervous, for one. I mean, I’m about to run 13.1 miles  - which I’ve never done. Given, 12.25 is pretty close – close, but no cigar.
-Excited, obviously. I’m so excited to sprint (hopefully) to that finish line with a big, toothy grin plastered from ear to ear – faux or real. Wait, is it possible to muster a real smile after running for over two hours?
-Retrospective. This is the day I’ve been waiting, training, and fundraising for, for six months. I’ve come such a long way, too. I used to be whiny at miles 1.5 – 3 and then quit running. Now I’m whiny from miles 1-3, but I just keep going.  :)

So today, as life slowed down a bit (Spring Break 2012, baby! Wooo hooo!!!), I began to think about my journey as a runner.

And now for you, dear readers, I thought I’d highlight a few of my brightest moments…
1. “I don’t think my knee will let me bend that way any more.”
2. “Mmmm, it’s Friday – that means I get to carb load!”
3. “Mmmm, it’s Saturday and I just ran 8 miles – that means I get to eat a lot!”
4. “Yes, I actually do have on mascara and eyeliner for our morning run.”
6. “What? I canNOT be out of Icy Hot! … Adam, I’m going to the store.”
7. “Why is that old man running faster than me?”
8. “So, my face is really salty. I kinda want to lick it.”
9. “No one’s around. Do you think I can use that port-a-potty?”
10. “You can chafe there?!?”   

So, lots of things changed during the past six months of my training. I’ve done things previously unimaginable. I’ve said things I never thought I’d say aloud. But more importantly, I’ve learned that I’m a beast. True story.

Now, I think I'll go run a 10K.


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