Summer Stitches Craft & Quilt Along Project

A couple weeks ago, my friend, Beth, over at Love You Muches announced this grand Summer Stitches Craft & Quilt Along where each participant must select a craft to complete this summer. I was (and still am) infinitely excited about it, but I have been having a terribly difficult time deciding on one craft to do. There are sooo many things I want to do – so how to select one? Well, inspiration struck last night when I was tidying up our guest room. And I hope that mine isn’t the only guest room that serves as a catchall. It has no theme, bare walls, and really sometimes feels like the Room of Requirement. Especially when I open the closet door.
I’m embarrassed to show you this photo.
But the first step is always admittance, right?
Well, I admit that my guest room is atrocious. It is definitely not somewhere I’d want to stay, so my apologies if you’ve had to spend this night in this room…

Oh now that's just sad...
So, now that I’ve decided what my craft, or insanely intimidating project, is for the Summer Stitches Craft & Quilt Along, I must settle upon a general direction for my room. I plan on making some of the things to go in and decorate the room, so it truly is a craft and not just a shopping spree. I’ve started a board on Pinterest to serve as inspiration, but I’ve already started to feel the pressure of this daunting task. I've only found two pictures so far.
I’m a terrible decorator, so any and all help is welcome. For reals.



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