It's times like these...

To Do List: Spring & Summer 2012
Item 6: Visit 4 States
State 2: Ohio

Not really that cool of a state --- at first thought.

But it has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.
And Lake Erie.
Beautiful Cincinnati.
That’s where The Black Keys are from.
And many of my cousins live there.

Until his passing, my great Uncle Kenneth lived there. He moved to Ohio as a young man, raised his large family there, but visited Tennessee each summer (or what seemed like each summer during my childhood). His visits were always the highlight of my summer vacations. His grandson, my cousin, Jesse usually came with him. I always thought Jesse had a weird accent. He called coke “pop” and always wanted to be outside.

Uncle Kenneth and his brother, my Grandaddy, were a pair. When together, they both had a sense of humor and quick wit to rival that of my husband’s. Seeing them together always made me smile.

a good name is better than fine perfume, and the day of death better than the day of birth (Eccles. 7:1 NIV).

So, we rejoiced in the company of one another. No matter what the circumstances, getting to see family is always good. They’re hilarious. They’re interesting. And they’re mostly all my height. I like feeling normal every now and then. ;)

The TN carload ready to go.

Cincinnati. I love this city.

Yummy Chicken Philly from Faces in Newton Falls.

My sweet cousin Jesse.

I told them to do a GQ pose.

garage band

Special moments.
I just couldn't resist posting this picture.

They took me to Dave Grohl Alley.

Blake got my favorite donuts!

"It's times like these you learn to love again


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