Time Waits for No Man

Seriously, guys, I'm bored.
My house is clean, the dishes are done, dinner is cooking, and there is nothing left that I want to do. I mean, I could clean out my closets. Or the garage. But who wants to do that?

Where's the summer team?
Me, Coach Dean, and Captain Patty
I began this lovely Saturday morning by going to Downtown Huntsville to run with the Summer Team in Training group. However, none of the team members showed up, so the five of us that did show up at 6:30 on a Saturday morning went for a nice 6 mile walk. It was an enjoyable hour and a half - complete with house looking and wonderful conversation.

I was home by 9 o'clock, but didn't really have anything to do.
By 10 o'clock I had given in to the allure of the sunshine. I gathered my pillows, blanket, and book and headed to lay out.

I probably got burnt.

Now I'm seriously bored.
Adam's out at Big Sky blowing up some clay. Lately, he's taken to skeet shooting and is perfectly awesome at it. I'll have to admit - I'm terribly impressed with his mad skills, and I love that it's his new hobby. And possibly a little jealous. I like marksmanship, too.


So while cleaning, I found that I have (to quote my great friend, KRay)  a whole bunch load of magazines. I feel like magazines are tiny books, so it's super hard for me to muster the courage to throw away or donate them. But I've put my big girl panties on and have saddled up. They're in a nice little pile waiting to go to their new home. I have a couple issues of Runner's World and many issues of  Better Homes and Gardens, Fitness, and Country Living if you should need some FREE summer reading materials.

Ya know.
Just sayin'.

Me, vampire hunting.

On a side note, Adam and I went to see Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter yesterday and it was great. You should:
1.) read the book by Seth Grahame-Smith and
2.) see the movie in 3D.


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