30 Days of Thanks, Take 2

Last year, I did this post about being thankful. I stole the idea from this great website - 30 Days of Thanks.
However, I flaked out eighteen days into it.

Maybe I’ll make it all thirty days this go’round…

Day 1:
I’m thankful for my dude doing No Shave November. Razors ain’t cheap, homeskillet and I like my guy sportin’ a little scruff anyway. I am a country girl at heart, ya know.

Day 2:
Mascara – ain’t a day goes by that I don’t slap that stuff all over my lashes. I’m so glad it was invented. So glad.

Day 3:
I’m thankful for awkward moments – like when I accidentally ask the same question twice to the same person or say something like “I don’t know either either.” Those kinds of moments keep me from thinking I’m too  awesome.

Day 4:
My mom’s birthday – I love celebrating with her, buying her things, and eating her cake! Happy birthday, mom!!!

Day 5:
I never seem to have a case of them, so I'm thankful for each Monday: a fresh start to each week. I love starting each week prepared, eager, and excited. I know, I know. I'm weird. :)

Day 6:
Cheesecake Bites. Have you tried them? Five or six years ago, Sonic introduced these amazing fried cheesecake bites to their menu during the holiday season. Unfortunately, I tried them and got hooked. Bad. Lucky for me and my bootay, Sonic phased them out. However, after what seems like an eternity, they're BACK and as tasty as ever. Think it's frowned upon to have them for breakfast?

Day 7:
Today I'm thankful for my hair. Even though it's crazy poofy, super long (to me, at least), and an overall pain in the derriere, I'm so thankful for it. Each morning, as I spend 14 minutes with my hairdryer, I complain about how much there is, how long it has gotten, and how I have to wash it every single day. Secretly, though, I really do like it. :)  And very very soon, I will have my 10 inches to send to Locks of Love! Sooooon, my pretty....soon there will be change!

Day 8:
Opportunities. I'm so glad that we're able to answer when they come a'knockin'.
Ok, that was really corny. But I am glad that we're able to capitalize on sweet opportunities when they arise. Adam's taking a Linguistics class this semester at UNA - and he has one of my favorite professors there. I've already taken the class (twice!), and I've really loved living vicariously through him to take this class a third time. I'm one of those weird folks- the kind that loves to talk about phonetics and syntax. I love breaking down a sentence, determining how a particular piece functions, and meddling with it all.
Also, I love blaring my music through the house on Thursday evenings when no one else is home. Gotta capitalize, my friends. :)

Day 9:
The husb axed me out on a date tonight. Yes, axed.
This was a surprise since we had declared this month to be No Eat Out November. He wheeled in at my favorite restaurant of all time: Texas Roadhouse. I stinkin' love that place. Talk about a happy girl. I've had a fixation on their Chicken Critters for years now, and that's what I always get. Additionally, I have a mad fixation on bread, so I went to town on it. Boy howdy, did I. Since I usually eat Paleo, this soiree with bread was amazing. Me likey surprises from the husb.

I haven't really had bread since August.
Consequently, that's probably not the only basket of bread
brought to our table that night...

Go big, or go home.

Day 10:
I'm so thankful for friends.
I spent today with my sweet friend, Emily, shopping the afternoon away.
We put a hurtin' on our bank accounts.
We commandeered lots of fun stuff, but I really enjoyed the company. I'm thankful that she rescued me from my lame housework and was willing to spend the afternoon hearing me laugh a little too loudly.

Day 11:
For Veterans:
They've shaped our lives in ways unimaginable.
They've done that which I cannot.
For their dedication, sacrifice, and so much more, I am thankful.

Day 12:
I married a funny man; his wit continually surprises me.
While I'm ofttimes envious of his quick, clever remarks, I'm working on mine by watching 30 Rock. Lots and lots of 30 Rock.
Like, 19 episodes since Thursday night.
Yeah, I have no life.
But I did clean my entire house... 

Day 13:
Sometimes, I'd really like to punch the man that created the 40 hour workweek in the throat. Four day work weeks are so nice. I'm so thankful for short weeks.

Day 14:
I'm thankful for the wisdom of (most) doctors. And shots. And medicine. But I'm not thankful for sinus problems. Or headaches. Or scratchy throats.

Day 15:
Today, I'm thankful for Thera-Flu.
And sweet husbands who fix it for sick wives.

Day 16:
I'm thankful for Fridays: then end of the workweek, especially when it's been the longest workweek ever. Cough. Sneeze. Cough.

Day 17:
Small businesses.
I absolutely love going into one of my favorite small businesses in downtown Athens and being greeted by the people that work there. I love that they have what I need and want. I love that they're not rude. I love that it's not Wal-Mart. :)


  1. I'm thankful for you and your super silly self! You make me laugh and are the one person I can count on to really care that one uses correct grammar!


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