Crossfit, day 2

I’m not really sure how it’s already July 13th.
I’ve come to accept that my days of slothdom are quickly coming to an end, and I’m beginning to think about what I’ll be doing this upcoming school year.

While my days of aimlessly milling about the house and random trips to Lowe’s and Sam’s Club have been fun, they haven’t helped me accomplish my one and only goal of the summer:

Become a CrossFit beast.
After attending the CrossFit 101 class, I did make it to my first official class. It was fun, and I certainly did feel like a beast afterwards.
But then I couldn’t move for a couple of days – and that’s not even an over exaggeration. I think I actually let my hair air-dry a couple of times rather than lift the hairdryer overhead.

Then I spend a week in Tennessse. so I wasn’t able to make it to any CrossFit classes. I was, however, able to consume lots of tasty food, especially those half price milkshakes from Sonic. Yum.

Finally, I pulled up my big girl panties on this past Monday and went to a class. Now, the hour before class was slated to begin, I moped around the house like a five-year-old, whining about how I didn’t wanna go. I pulled out every lame excuse I’ve ever heard the kids use at school, but none of them worked on Stone Cold Adam.

With a lump in my stomach, we rolled up in that gym and read the workout:

10 Snatches
Followed by a 12 minute AMRAP:
10 shoulder to overhead 135#/95# (scale: 115#/75#, 95#/65#, 75#/55#)
12 pull-ups (BAPU)
 10 burpees over the box 24”/20”

Gobbledy Goop.
10 Whats?

After a brief explanation, I still had that deer in the headlights look. I decided to just do what everyone else was doing, but with far less weight. Turns out that a Snatch is kinda like just lifting a dumbbell off the floor and doing a body wave at the same time. I kinda felt like I was trying to breakdance. And we all know that I cannot dance.

The shoulder to overhead was pretty simple -  in theory. But then you’ve gotta take into account that there is no muscle on my arms or in my shoulders, so by the 30th time I do it, even a hairdryer would be heavy. What in the world were these people doing lifting 135 pounds? Gah, Incredible Hulks.

Then I learned that Bapu isn’t a word, as I had been saying in my head, it’s just the abbreviation for using bands. Or trying to use bands. Jello arms here had a hard time putting her foot in the bands after performing those intense 33 pound shoulder to overhead lifts.

Theeeeen the burpees.
Last time, I had these gorgeous bruises on my knees after doing burpees. As if just a regular old burpee wasn’t enough torture, this time we had to jump up onto a box, jump down, then do the burpee. Thirty times I tried to work up the courage to jump up 16 inches onto the box, but I chickened out thirty times for fear of faceplanting onto said box. I guess I’ve grown quite fond of my front teeth and don’t really want to relinquish them. Better luck next time.

Gahhhh, I really wonder if this is ever going to get easier! ;)


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