Do you think that our profession says anything about who we are?
Take teachers for example. Those crazies willingly choose to put up with equally crazy children for eight hours a day. They earn degrees only to spend their days entertaining kids, messing with oodles of paperwork, and assuring parents that they do in fact know what they’re doing-hence the college degree(s). Teachers spend their free time thinking about teaching, planning, innovating. They get excited over new books, fresh notebooks, and the start of a school year. Who does that?

Crazies like this! :)

My coffee deprived little brain can’t come up with the right sequence of words to explain how excited I am about this school year. Seriously. It seems like just yesterday I was writing this, telling you about my woes of job hunting.

And now I’m starting my third year at the same school? Shut the front door.

What’s scary, though, is that this year I’ll be teaching something new --- writing!
Well, tickle me pink and call me crazy, but talk about my dream job! Boy howdy! Home girl here loves to write, and I looooove teaching kids to write and be creative.
I have to admit, though, that I’m pretty intimidated by teaching writing. I mean, there are so many crazy rules to writing – many of which I completely and blatantly ignore on a regular basis.
Like the best way to start a sentence.
And what what makes a sentence a fragment.
But then there are the always-important run-ons to look for.
And prepositions…even though ending sentences in prepositions sometimes seems natural, it’s not highly favored by many teachers and I’m not sure where I fall because sometimes I do it without meaning to but it just sounds right while other times I reword my sentences so a preposition isn’t at the end.

And I don’t always write in paragraph form.


So I’ll be spending these last few days of my freedom pouring over books, creating lesson plans, and figuring out how I’m gonna teach kids to write something other than text messages.




  1. Good luck Janell! Writing sounds like it will be challenging but very rewarding as I'm sure all areas of teaching are.


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