Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Well, I actually love all the seasons and enjoy the transition from one to the other, but spring is currently my favorite.

Anyways, I really like spring. I enjoy seeing the slow transition from blah, bleak winter to the bright green explosion nature showcases this time of year.

At my childhood home in Tennessee, we had this tree right outside our house guarding our driveway. It's the tree I would watch each year. It always told me when spring was coming. I'd watch every day as its strong branches slowly sprouted buds. Soon, there would be tiny, gorgeous leaves all over the place. I always though it looked like a painting in this stage; it was my favorite.

And that's how I knew spring had arrived.

Now, though, I feel like I've missed spring. The weather, the trees, the birds are all screaming it's here! ---and I missed it's arrival.

It seems like other things have happened rather suddenly this year, too.
Like my belly.
It's big.
And it's hard to get used to.
But suddenly it feels like it's here, my belly.
And suddenly it's incredibly difficult to get out of bed...
Or tie my shoes.
Paint my toes.
Or even find a shirt that fits!

Suddenly it's difficult to get comfortable in bed.
Or sleep.
Suddenly, I'm 30 weeks pregnant.
That means only 10 weeks to go. (Yikes! Where did all my prep time go?)

But most of all, it's suddenly difficult to not eat everything in sight. ;)

Right before I hit the couch for 4 hours straight after work! 

The sweet sweets at DHigh.

After packing up with all our goodies!

Love these ladies! 

I seriously wasn't kidding about the  it's suddenly difficult to not eat everything in sight comment. I've got one insatiable appetite. And that's exactly why I made a point to dine at Texas de Brazil this week. I prefaced the meal with friends by telling them that I was sorry if I embarrassed them and that it was okay to leave. ;) Luckily, they weren't embarrassed (that I know of), but I was the last one eating. And I ate a lot! Even my stretchy non-waistband maternity pants were tight!

Yum. Worth every penny. 


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