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This, ladies and gents, is my 100th blog post. Yowza! I can't believe I've been blogging that long! When I started writing back in 2011, I had no idea what all I'd talk about. And really, I was insanely nervous each time I posted a blog entry. I worried about how it would be perceived, what you'd say, etc. Over the course of the years, this blog has become a type of therapy for me and allowed me to push myself to write in different ways.

I remember how wishy washy I was when trying to decide on a title, though. Somehow, I settled on the title On Growing Up. I think it's been a nice fit. Guess it really is about growing up...


My belly is getting huge, y'all. Like to the point where it's tough to bend down. Honestly, I have to think twice when I drop something --- do I really need that??? At night, I feel like a poor turtle stranded on its back - I can't get up! And apparently, I have to get up at night ... a lot. 

Amazing maternity picture of my big ole belly! Can't wait to see the rest of 'em. 


I haven't told you this, but I've really been stressing over baby's position. She's been Frank breech for quite a while, all folded up like a taco. At our birthing class, everyone else's baby had already turned. Not ours! While the nurse teaching the class didn't feel too optimistic that she'd roll around, the doctor didn't seem too stressed about it. Two weeks ago, we went to have a 3D ultrasound. We got this really great 3D picture of her legs. :\ Yep. Breech. So, the technician suggested we reschedule and try again in a couple weeks. As any normal pregnant mother-to-be would do, I researched all the ways folks suggest trying to get a baby to turn. Elevating hips. Downward dog. There are lots of methods - ok and crazy - but none of them seemed to get baby moving. 

So, we went back this week. I fully expected to hear the same news: breech. I had felt no strange movement. She seemed to be kicking in the same spots. I'd pretty much given up all hope of a natural delivery and settled on a C-section. That sly little gal had flipped, though. She's head down and ready to roll! And we got the cutest little picture of her button nose, too!


Recently, I stumbled upon a picture I had taken back in August. It was me in athletic clothes with measurements. I had done this as a part of a Get Fit Group, a way to keep up with fitness progress. It struck me at  how thin I was. Not too thin, just normal thin, and I had though I had a big belly! This photo made me look at my current shape with a new perspective. Sometimes I can't get over how beautiful this big, round bulge is. I can't get over how I can see it moving and twitching with her fierce, tiny movements. It really is such a beautiful, truly amazing phenomenon. 

And speaking of beauty, this little beauty finally has a name!

Yep, 4 names. It's like swirl ice-cream: if you can't choose, don't! ;)


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